Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/6

So far early this week, we've had a couple $60K+ winners. But looking to make it to at least six-figure land on this edition's Olga Kreimer from NYC (who read a "Millionaire" quiz book in Russian).

Pre-Randomized Topics: The Big Day, Site Specific, Brand Names, Making a Case, Ancient Origins, Movie Locations, Do the Math, Early Work, No Quacks & Mirror Images
TT: Site Specific, Making a Case, Early Work, Brand Names, Movie Locations, Mirror Images, Ancient Origins, The Big Day, No Quacks & Do the Math

1. A natural fit, what online company owns the website

A: YouTube
B: facebook
C: eBaY
D: twitter

FA: eBaY- $5K 

2. Referred to as "humpbacking", putting an uppercase letter in the middle of a word also goes by what fitting, animal-friendly name?

A: CamelCase
B: GiraffeCase
C: GorillaCase
D: RhinoCase

FA: CamelCase- $7K ($12K)

3. Leaving to become a full-time illustrator, what children's author previously worked as a window dresser at F.A.O. Schwarz?

A: Shel Silverstein
B: Dr. Seuss
C: Maurice Sendak
D: Roald Dahl

FA: Sendak- $100 ($12,100)

4. In 2011, what brand urged consumers to cut out the first syllable of its name on its boxes & send it as an uplifting postcard to military families?

A: Ronzoni
B: Marlboro
C: Cheerios

D: Kleenex

FA: Cheerios- $500 ($12,600)

5. A movie tour of what city includes a "Vertigo"-inspired jaunt to Ft. Point & a stop at Burritt Alley for fans of "The Maltese Falcon"?

A: San Diego
B: Chicago

C: San Francisco
D: Philadelphia


A: 9%
B: 11%
C: 65%
D: 15%

FA: S.F.- $1K ($13,600)

6. What hidden phrase can be seen on the Grateful Dead's "From the Mars Hotel" front album cover if it's held upside down in a mirror?

A: "Bad Behavior"
B: "Sweet Little Lies"
C: "Ugly Rumors"

D: "Beautiful Truths"

JUMPED (A: "Ugly Rumors"- she would've guessed "Sweet Little Lies")- $25K

7. Writing that "Corpulence is not only a disease itself, but the harbinger of others", Hippocrates expressed an early concern about what health issue?

A: Depression
B: Excessive drinking
C: Obesity

D: Drinking

FA: Obesity- $15K ($28,600)

8. On Apr. 28th of last yr., the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, MD celebrated an event it called what?

A: Santa Claus Day
B: Tooth Fairy Day
C: Leprechaun Day
D: Unicorn Day

FA: Tooth Fairy Day- $3K ($31,600)

9. The political phrase "lame duck" was originally a British phrase used to describe someone who couldn't do what?

A: Grow a beard
B: Have children

C: Pay his debts
D: Read or write

OTHER JUMP USED (A: Pay his debt, which both I & she were leaning towards)- $2K

For $41,600 (after we see her brother Artem): If Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address last yr., the Declaration of Independence wouldn't be "four score and seven years ago", but rather how many "score" & "years" back?

A: Ninescore & 14 yrs.
B: Tenscore & 11 yrs.
C: Elevenscore & 16 yrs.

D: Twelvescore & four yrs.

FA: Elevenscore & 16 yrs.- EXACTLY

Q of the Day: What slang word was thought to have been coined in '58 as the name of a Superman villain?

A: Brainiac
B: Wiseacre
C: Poindexter
D: Egghead

A: Brainiac

CM #49:

$100K (Grammar): All but which of the following "name" novels feature the book's title within the first sentence?

A: Anna Karenina
B: Emma
C: Herzog

D: Mrs. Dalloway

FA: Anna Karenina- RIGHT!

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