Friday, February 08, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/8

The last player on this big week happens to be Jon Papp from Morristown, NJ (a former designer of robots that made parts for blackhawk helicopters). After he Swing dances w/ the host (& we find out girlfriend Rachel's in the audience), we're underway.

Categories Before Randomization: Medical Degrees, What's in a Name, Civil Protests, Spellchekc, Pig Tales, Naming Trends, Early Work, Sage Advice, Simple Inspirations & Bird Formations
Afterwards: What's in a Name, Sage Advice, Naming Trends, Pig Tales, Civil Protests, Early Work, Medical Degrees, Bird Formations, Simple Inspirations & Spellchekc

1. Until it changed its recipe to include the minimum 10M cultures per gram, Pinkberry was criticized for calling its product what?

A: Gelato
B: Frozen yogurt
C: Italian ice
D: Sorbet

FA: Frozen yogurt- $25K

2. What group sang the song "Poison", in which they warn listeners to "never trust a big butt and a smile"?

A: Bell Biv DeVoe
B: Jodeci

C: Blackstreet
D: Boyz II Men


A: 69%
B: 4%
C: 10%

D: 17%

FA: Bell Biv DeVoe- $15K ($40K)

3. Jetta & Scirocco being two examples, VW is known for naming its cars after well-known what?

A: Ocean trenches
B: Wind currents
C: Fault lines
D: Tectonic plates

FIRST JUMP (A: Wind currents)- $3K

4. Who wrote the 1948 essay Death of a Pig several yrs. before publishing a classic children's book in which a pig's life is saved?

A: Roald Dahl
B: C.S. Lewis
C: E.B. White
D: Dr. Seuss

FA: E.B.- $5K ($45K)

5. An OR man was dubbed "Sir Godiva" after a judge ruled it wasn't illegal for him to have done what in protest of airport security screenings?

A: Destroyed a laptop
B: Stripped naked
C: Yelled "Fire!"
D: Ate his shoes

FA: Stripped naked- $100 ($45,100)

6. Having developed lie-detector technology, inventor William Marston created what comic book hero, who fittingly wields the "Golden Lasso of Truth"?

A: Catwoman
B: Captain America
C: Thor
D: Wonder Woman

FA: W.W.- $500 ($45,600)

7. Which of the following's the accepted abbreviation for a medical professional who specializes in women's health?


FA: OB/GYN- $1K ($46,600)

8. While geese are known to fly in a V formation, what birds are known to swim together in a U formation in order to trap fish?

A: Pelicans
B: Swans
C: Ducks
D: Seagulls

FA: Pelicans- $10K ($56,600)

9. The builders of what architectural wonder were said to have been inspired by the simplicity of a rectangular pencil?

A: Space Needle
B: Gateway Arch
C: U.S. Capitol
D: Empire State Building

FA: ESB- $7K ($63,600)

For $65,600: Which of the following's the correctly spelled title of a popular TV sitcom from the late '70s & early '80s?

A: "WRKP in Cincinnati"
B: "WPRK in Cincinnati"
C: "WKRP in Cincinnati"

D: "WPKR in Cincinnati"


Q of the Day: Fittingly, the U.S. Postal Service sponsors a National Prevention week each May to draw attention to what public health risk?

A: Chickenpox (which Barbara Walters just apparently caught; I also had that when I was a baby)
B: Smoking
C: Obesity
D: Dog bites

A: Dog bites

CM #50:

$100K (In the Thesaurus): "Double Irish" & "Dutch Sandwich" are types of what?

A: Chess strategies
B: Suspension bridges
C: Soccer maneuvers

D: Tax loopholes

FA: Suspension bridges (A: Tax loopholes)

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