Monday, February 11, 2013


FINAL BC: In eight hrs. at St. Mark's Square in Las Vegas, the three ladies have to cook a minimum of 400 cookies, 100 pastries, 10 cakes & 10 pies before they can sell them to people in the area for an hr. Each chef also has to team up w/ two of Buddy's family members, friends & workers in addition to two eliminated bakers.

To determine the teams for this challenge, they're playing Blackjack inside The Venetian. The dealer's hand is disregarded:

Jen: (QC)(8C)(5S) = BUSTED BY TWO
Ashley: (AH)(9H) = 20
Gretel-Ann: (6H)(8D)(10H) = BUSTED BY THREE

1. Ashley, Mary, Danny, Peter & Letty
2. G-A, Madeline, Anthony, Paul & Melissa
3. Jen, Joey, Grace, Garrett & Emma

(Note: When a chef picked a previously eliminated cook, they went on another team as requested by that lady.)

Whole cakes & pies: 10
Cookies & pastries: Two
Notable Guests: Lacey Schwimmer & Holly Madison

WINNER- Ashley
ELIMINATED BY 24 TICKETS- Jen (& the "NOT THE NEXT GREAT BAKER" sign's attached to a boat in the river)

FINAL CHALLENGE: Once they met Buddy in front of The Venetian at 2 AM, they had to bake one more cake that has a Vegas Showstopper theme.
GJ: Buddy's mom Mary & Joey Fatone

Ashley: Ralph, Frankie, Chad, Jess

G-A: Mauro, Tyne, Chris & James

(Note: Neither the BC or EC graphics are used on this episode.)

G-A: Slot machine
Ashley: Elvis on top w/ sparks coming out of it

The "NGB" is...

...ASHLEY- smoke cannons go off!
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