Friday, February 15, 2013

"project RUNWAY" 2/14/13

glade 2-in-1 UNCONVENTIONAL CHALLENGE: The objective was for the two teams to make a line of six looks using flowers & hardware.
Budget of the Week: $2.5K
GJ: Leandra Medine (blogger) & Bette Midler

Stanley & Layana were moved to the DT, while Michelle went to KiR.

RUNWAY SONG OF THE WEEK: "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

1. Daniel (metal mesh net, PVC pipe, lamb's ear & assorted flowers)
2. Joseph (wire mesh & assorted flowers)
3. Richard & Michelle (mini blinds, leaves & flowers)
4. Patricia (nails, rope, roses & plants)
5. Amanda (moss, cotter pins & Calla Lilies)
6. Kate (Black CL & carnations)
7. Matthew (mopes, black rope & yellow moss)
8. Stanley (white roses, green leaves & wire mesh)
9. Tu (rope & CL)
10. Benjamin (roses, string & flowers)
11. Samantha (contact paper, wire mesh, CL & green leaves)
12. Layana (Hydrangeas, wire & string)

WINNER- Samantha (Runners-up: Layana & Benjamin)
OUT- Joseph (Next-to-last: Amanda)
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