Friday, February 08, 2013

"project RUNWAY" 2/7/13

CHALLENGE #3: This was one of those challenges where Heidi herself was the client- in this one, they had to design ad campaign & press looks for her Surprise fragrance.
mood Budget of the Week (half-hr.): $1,200
GJ: Kristin Davis

RUNWAY SONG CHOICE THIS WEEK: "Work" by Ciara feat. Missy Elliott

KiR: Daniel (commercial), Patricia (press), Joseph & Amanda (press), Richard (commercial), Layana & Kate (commercial) & Stanley (commercial)
DT: Michelle (press), Matthew (press), Cindy (commercial), Samantha (commercial), Benjamin (commercial) & Tu (commercial)

WINNERS- Daniel & Kate (Runners-up: Layana & Patricia)
OUT- Cindy (Also on the bottom: Benjamin & Matthew)

(Final note: Heidi also didn't like Richard & Stanley's looks that week.)
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