Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Sugar Dome" 2/16

Sugar Buzz: Matthew Ratliff (SA), Paula Ames (CA) & Chad Miller (roller coaster designer)
Sugar Rush: Ashlee Perkins (CA), Brian Gay (SA) & Peter Wachtel (RCD)
Yum Runners: Rebecca Millican (SA), Jason Reaves (CA) & Bill Kitchen (RCD from Orlando; he's designed amusement park rides for two decades)

THEME- Extreme amusement park rides
GJ: Phil Guarno (Guinness World Record roller coaster rider of 75 different RCs in a single day)

1. Monster
Treat Theme: Amusement park
3. Have the rides jump

SB: Candy apple churros (their display also has a bumper car ride)
SR: Banana-filled chocolate truffles covered w/ potato chips (their display has a gold mine theme)

YR: Same as previous team, except the truffles are on cake pops (their display's called the Jungle Screamer)- LAST PLACE

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