Saturday, February 02, 2013

"Sugar Dome" 2/2

Raw Sugar: Jeffrey Munchel (SA), Andrea Reed (CA) & Luis Rodriguez (fruit carver)
Tre Artista: Diane Fehder (CA), Cesar Barachina (SA) & John Montgomery (FC)
Decades: Anthony Valerio (SA), Maite de Para (CA) & Ray Duey (a FC who has presented inside The White House)

THEME- Cops & Robbers (including a fruit sculpture)
GJ: Matthew Thurman (Beverly Hills police officer)

1. Clever trap for the robber(s)
2. The treat of the week's a donut
3. Actual moving escape

D: Chocolate donuts
TA: Beignets
RS: Real donuts

WINNERS- TA (Runners-up: D)
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