Saturday, February 09, 2013

"Sugar Dome" 2/9

Sinister Sugar: Michele Guerra (SA from Fairfield, CA), Barbarann Garrard (CA) & Ashley Hooks (special effects/makeup artist)
Sweet Vengeance: Natasha Capper (SA), Steven Barela (CA from CO) & Kirsten Cosgrove (SE/MA)
Shakin & Bakin': Kerri Morris (CA), Jared Banks (SA) & Carmen Angelica (SE/MA)

THEME- Alien invasions
GJ: Giorgio Tsoukalos (the director for the Center of Ancient Astronaut Research)

1. Laser beams
2. Glowing treats
3. Something that hovers

SS: Chocolate cookie w/ mint chocolate cream & lime jelly on the outside
SV: Coated white chocolate eggs w/ ganache, tapioca & green-colored large tapioca pearls cooked in B2
S & B: "Marsmellow" made out of orange Jell-O & homemade marshmallow

WINNERS- S & B (despite their display falling apart early on)(Runners-up: SS)
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