Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Survivor: Caramoan- Fans vs. Favorites"- START

RC: Two members of both tribes each round have to race into the water to grab a ring & then bring it back to shore prior to putting it on their flagpole (as well as a hand). The first tribe to do this four times wins flint & 20 lbs. of beans.
WINNERS- Bikal (Favorites)(4-1; only lost second rd.)

EC: On each floor of a four-story tower, there are three sandbag crates. One pair of teammates per tribe at a time tosses all three crates on a floor off the tower to the side. After that, to win that Tribal Immunity Idol, the last remaining pairs have to toss a sandbag in six square holes.

TC: Francesca's immediately out of the game for her second season in a row, 6-4, over Andrea.
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