Sunday, February 17, 2013

"The Amazing Race"- 22ND SEASON PREMIERE

They start on top of the Griffith Observatory in L.A. 

OC: After everyone retrieves their first clue inside the marked '13 Ford Fusions, they have to go to LAX & fly to Bora Bora, but only the first five teams can get on the first flight.

FIRST ROADBLOCK: Two players at a time can enter a helicopter. One teammate has to tandem skydive from 10K ft., while the other takes a water taxi to the landing zone.

Flight Assignments:
1. John Erck & Jamil Abdur-Rahman
2. Connor O'Leary & Winnie Sung
3. Chuck McCall
4. Caroline Cutberth & Anthony Battaglia
5. Matt(hew) Davis & Max Bichler
6. Mona Egender & Meghan Camarena

Clue #3: The teams have to water taxi to Eden Beach on Motu Piti A'au & follow the marked path along the shore to the next clue.

SECOND ROADBLOCK: One player per duo has to search 400 sandcastles for their next clue. Until they find it, they have to rebuild whatever they destroy.

PS #1: Once they assemble a Va'a down the beach, they have to paddle down the shoreline until they find the Motu Cafe.

WINNERS- Jessica Hoel & John
2. Bates & Anthony Battaglia
3. David (Dave) & Connor O'Leary
4. Pam(ela) Chien & Winnie
5. Beth Bandimere & Mona
6. Joey Graceffa & Meghan
7. Chuck & Wynona McCall
8. Idres & Jamil Abdur-Rahman

The last three teams that checked in QUIT that second Roadblock (a new record for the U.S. show) & the two non-eliminated teams both have to wait out four hrs. of PENALTY TIME before they can start the second leg.

9. Max & Katie Bichler
ELIMINATED- Daniel Moss & Matt
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