Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"The Biggest Loser: Challenge America" 2/11

Temptation Challenge: They had 10 min. to eat as many sweets as they could in the dark, Jaleel White not included. The winner received a two-pound advantage for him/herself & one player of their choice.

Jeff: Pecan cluster (90 calories) X 3 = 270
Francelina: 1,150
Alex: 1,036 (if she had eaten the entire 140-calorie sprinkled brownie w/ vanilla frosting on it, she would've won)- GOT ADV. AS WELL ANYWAY

MC #7: Inside the HONDA Center, they raced to a spotlight in special lit suits; the last one to arrive in each rd. prior to the last rd. (which had three players) was eliminated. The winner & a player of his/her choosing each got to bring a loved one to the ranch for 24 hrs.

1. Gina
2. Jackson
3. Michael
4. Jeff
5. Alex
WINNER- Danni (but she then gave her visit to Francelina, who finished last in that final rd.; Michael also got it)

W-I #7:

Francelina: 211 lbs., six lbs. lost (w/ adv.), 2.76%
Alex: 198 lbs., eight lbs. lost (w/ adv.), 3.92%
Danni: 201 lbs., six lbs. lost, 2.9%
Joe: 279 lbs., 12 lbs. lost, 4.12%
Jeff: 312 lbs., 11 lbs. lost, 3.41%
Gina (six lbs. needed): 184 lbs., nine lbs. lost, 4.66%
Jackson (nine lbs. needed): 266 lbs., 13 lbs. lost, 4.66%
Michael (11 lbs.): 353 lbs., 10 lbs. lost- ELIMINATED, 5-1 (he's lost another 33 lbs. since being sent home)
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