Monday, February 18, 2013

"The Biggest Loser: Challenge America" 2/18

This week, if the remaining players combine to lose at least 70 lbs., there will be no elimination this week. Otherwise, the person who does the worst on the scale will fall below the dreaded Red Line.

PC: The three kids are asked five Q's, w/ each correct answer taking a lb. away from the adults' goal for the week. Then, the kids have to do five different exercises; if one beats their previous score on an exercise, another lb.'s taken away.

1. Which dish has more fat- two large scrambled eggs w/ two slices of turkey bacon or a plain bagel w/ two tablespoons of cream cheese?
PICK: Eggs & bacon- RIGHT

2. How many chicken nuggets would you have to eat to reach 18 grams of fat- six or 20?

3. Which dish has more carbohydrates- spaghetti w/ meat sauce & garlic bread or a bean burrito w/ chips & salsa?
PICK: Spaghetti w/ meat sauce & garlic bread- WRONG

4. Which has more calories- a double cheeseburger or a large order of French Fries?

FQ: Which movie theater food have over 1K calories- personal pepperoni pizza or large bucket of buttered popcorn?
PICK: Popcorn- RIGHT

Fitness Goals:

Sit-Ups (one min.):
Biingo: 18
Sunny: 24
Lindsay: 13
ATTEMPTER: Biingo- 35

Pull-Ups (one min.):
Biingo: N/A
Sunny: 43
Lindsay: 37
ATTEMPTER: Lindsay- 79

Push-Ups (one min.):
Biingo: 23
Sunny: 24
Lindsay: 21
ATTEMPTER: Biingo- 32

Shuttle Run:
Biingo: N/A
Sunny: 31 sec.
Lindsay: 35 sec.
ATTEMPTER: Lindsay- :32

Endurance Mile:
Biingo: N/A
Sunny: 13 min.
Lindsay: 13:35
ATTEMPTER: Sunny- 9:59

MC #8: The civilians now have to do their part by digging up as many as 10 sandhills- two for each pair. One per pair has a green arrow, while the other has a red X. The objective is to find all five green arrows and grab & raise a flagpole at the end of the pier in half an hr. to deduct another 10 lbs. from this week's goal.

As an extra reward, they each get to eat a SUBWAY sub from Jared Fogle.

W-I #8 (needs to have lost at least 51 lbs. in total):

Danni: 194 lbs., seven lbs. lost, 3.48% (44 to go)
Joe: 273 lbs., six lbs. lost, 2.15% (38 to go)
Jackson: 261 lbs., five lbs. lost, 1.88% (33 to go)
Alex: 195 lbs., three lbs. lost, 1.52% (30 to go)
Jeff: 308 lbs., four lbs. lost, 1.28% (26 to go)
Gina: 180 lbs., four lbs. lost, 2.17%

At this point, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the goal to be reached.

Francelina (needs to have lost at least three lbs.): 211 lbs., two lbs. lost- LOSS (she has now dropped to 190)
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