Monday, February 04, 2013

"The Biggest Loser: Challenge America" 2/4

This is the halfway mark of the current season.

MC #6: Both the BT & RT will roll a die to determine who will compete for their team along w/ Danni. They have to cross a balance beam (while avoiding the rocking beams), grab a plate w/ a calorie count & match it up to one of these five foods- 1/2 lb. double cheeseburger (895), bagel w/ low-fat cream cheese & lox (353), nonfat yogurt & fruit (142), ravioli & meatballs (620) and grilled chicken & cooked quinoa w/ shredded Cheddar (280). The winner(s) receive(s) letters from home.

Competing Besides Danni: Jackson & Gina
WINNER- Danni (she had 'em all wrong the first time)

Cody Simpson & Laila Ali make cameos during this episode.

W-I #6: Only one player's weight will count for each team this week. To determine the other two participants, both male trainers roll a die.

Jackson: 279 lbs., one lb. lost, .36%
Francelina: 217 lbs., seven lbs. lost, 3.13%
JOE: 291 lbs., eight lbs. lost, 2.68%

DANNI (needs to have lost at least six lbs.): 207 lbs., ON THE NOSE, 2.82%

Gina: 193 lbs., four lbs. lost, 2.03%
Alex: 204 lbs., three lbs. lost, 1.45%
Michael: 363 lbs., eight lbs. lost, 2.16%
David: 250 lbs., three lbs. lost, 1.19%
JEFF (needs to have lost at least nine lbs.): 323 lbs., six lbs. lost, 1.82%

VOTE-OFF #3: By a vote of 4-1...over Jeff, David's out. Upon leaving the ranch, he now weighs in at 220.
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