Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"The Taste" 2/19

Remember, this is the last episode in the 8 PM timeslot.

TTT #3: Come up w/ a bite of either a club, PB&J or salad sandwich (tuna, chicken or egg).
GJ: Rich Torrisi & Mario Carbone

Khristianne: Curried chicken salad
Diane: Pulled pork club
Gregg: Seared tuna- WIN
Huda: Tangy chicken salad

STT #3:

Adam: Triple pork sandwich
Khristianne: Pork belly & chicken liver mousse
Gregg: Curried lamb on naan
Lauren: Mediterranean lamb on naan
Jeff: Hot beef sandwich
Ninamarie: Beef carpaccio & fried green tomato
Sarah: Fried oyster taco
Diane: Pork Banh Mi
Paul: Steak & fried green tomato sandwich
Mia: Lamb & eggplant on homemade bread
Uno: Steamed beef bun (a play on "BAO")
Huda: Chicken pesto sandwich

GOLD STARS- Jeff, Lauren & Ninamarie
ELIMINATED- Mia & Huda (Also on bottom: Diane & Gregg)
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