Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"The Taste" 2/5

Mini-Challenge: Each teammate had to make one spoonful of something that featured either bacon, eggs or cheese. Only the best spoon from each team was tasted in a blind taste test by the Guest Judge & the winners got that person's aid in the next challenge, as well as immunity for the person who had that spoon.
GJ: Gabrielle Hamilton

Chosen Entries:
Sarah: Mac & cheese
Jeff: Mac & cheese
Lauren: Chicken stew- WIN
Ninamarie: Israeli couscous

MAIN CHALLENGE: Everyone had an hr. to cook more comfort food. 

Huda: Roasted chicken
Ninamarie: Chicken Scarpelli
Jeff: Braised short ribs
Sarah: BBQ shrimp & grits
Micah: Mediterranean Israeli chicken
Gregg: Chicken & dumplings
Lauren: Shepherd's Pie
Diane: Spicy Korean Bibimbap
Erika: Rib-eye stew
Shawn: West Indian curry chicken & dumplings
Khristianne: Uni seafood chowder
Adam: Fried chicken
Uno: Spicy chicken w/ papaya salad
Paul: Potato-flaked Halibut
Renatta: Apple crumble
Mia: Rice pudding

BEST- Khristianne, Diane (she actually got two gold stars- one from Anthony & one from Nigella) & Sarah
WORST- Shawn, Micah, Lauren & Renatta
ELIMINATED- Micah & Renetta
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