Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Top Chef" 2/13/13

QC: At the Alaskan Halimush Dogsled Camp, 30-min. dishes have to be made using only ingredients found within the camp.

Brooke: Pan-roasted Halibut & Panzanella salad w/ red currant & beet vinaigrette- WIN
Josh: Cornmeal cake w/ Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs & smoked salmon
Sheldon: Pan-roasted Halibut w/ tomato sauce, sesame bok choy & pickled radish

EC #13: The three chefs on this episode now have 2.5 hrs. to make dishes that represent the defining culinary moments in their lives & serve it at the state governor's mansion (where governor Sean Parnell & First Lady Sandy await).

GJ: Roy Choi (before learning about this challenge, they dined w/ Padma, Tom, this GJ & Emeril)

Sheldon: Pan-roasted Rockfish w/ spot prawns, baby vegetables & dashi
Brooke: Braised chicken & grilled quail w/ carrot barley & pickled veggies- WIN
Josh: Foie Gras three ways- torchon, pan-seared & profiterole- LOSS

FINAL LCKC: Luckily for Lizzie, she actually gets voted in (61%) via Save a Chef to join Josh & Kristen in Tom's kitchen w/ the last spot in the semifinals on the line.

Kristen: Semolina Orecchiette w/ brown butter, pomegranate, apple & fresh herbs
Lizzie: Black cod in black pepper vinegar w/ savoy cabbage & Spaetzle
Josh: Venison w/ coriander, brown sugar, black pepper cure, kale & shaved carrot

ELIMINATED FIRST- Josh (he leaves w/ just some fancy wine)
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