Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Top Chef" 2/6/13

$5K QC: At the Tracy's King Crab Shack in Juneau, make a 30-min. dish using Alaskan crab.
GJ: Sean Brock

Lizzie: Crab frittata w/ cherry tomato, garlic oil & fried capers
Sheldon: King crab, Dungeness crab "miso", pine-smoked asparagus & charred corn- WIN
Brooke: King crab, sweet corn & leek salad on toast w/ Dungeness crab butter
Josh: Butter-poached king crab w/ succotash & bacon

EC #12: The dishes in this one have to include salmon & sourdough. The reward for winning this challenge's a trip courtesy of Green Mountain Coffee to Costa Rica.

Brooke: Sockeye salmon & seafood broth w/ mustard seed caviar & dill sourdough

Sheldon: Green tea & chive sourdough w/ smoked salmon & pea soup
Josh: Roasted garlic sourdough soup w/ Sockeye salmon & black olive croutons
Lizzie: Citrus & beet-glazed salmon slider w/ poppy seed butter & pickles

WINNER- Brooke

LCKC #11: Using Alaskan fish, make a dish over a campfire.

Kristen: Cod w/ coconut broth, clam juice, lime, chili-marinated tomato, corn & petite herb
Lizzie: Poached salmon stew w/ fennel, leek, Hungarian paprika & sweet pepper flakes- LOSS & LIKELY LEAVES EMPTY-HANDED
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