Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Dawn (26)(Cincinnati) & Ozy (28)(Columbia, SC; they're dating)- She's an eco-fashion designer, he works in promotions
Alex (30)(Toronto) & Shelley (28)(Clayon, OK; exes)- He's a bartender, she's a waitress
Cheryl (23)(Valencia, CA) & Nathanael (29)(Lincoln, NE: dating)- She's a registered nurse, he's a dancer
Catrina (23) & Cassandra (24)(a dating duo from Long Beach)- Catrina's a photographer, Cassandra's a karaoke jockey

Donut Shop Fillings (they all had a min. on each donut): Jalapenos, pumpkin, fish eggs, whipped cream, sand & strawberry jelly

Nathanael & Cheryl- THREE IN :44
Alex & Shelley- FOUR
Catrina & Cassandra- THREE IN :28
Ozy & Dawn- FIVE

Inside the Four Tanks (five min.): Rubber duckies, goldfish, feather boa & lobsters
ELIMINATED SECOND- Alex & Shelley (three; everyone else swept)

$5K CHALLENGE: Each couple was placed on a balance beam secured by a harness at opposite ends. Both teammates had to cross it while passing each other.
WINNERS- C & C (3:48-4:37)
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