Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Total Blackout" 2/19- WINTER SEASON FINALE

Returnees: Adam (11/20- eliminated in R2 & he wants to buy a wedding ring), Awet (series premiere on 4/25- she got shut out in the very first challenge), Eddie Leiva (first episode of 5/2 doubleheader- he fell in R2 & is a clothing store manager) & David Allison (1/29- also fell to his doom in R2)

Heavy Petting Zoo (five min.): Skunk, goat, pony & turkey
ELIMINATED W/ ONE- Awet (everyone else ran the table)

Bubble Helmets: Peas, ducks, snakes & markers
OUT W/ TWO- David (the other two guys each ID'ed three)

$5K CHALLENGE: Involving four trunks, both players are lowered down in a harness they're strapped to; they can only ID each item using their faces.
Items: Leaves, mashed potatoes, grapes & kitty litter
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