Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Total Blackout" 2/5

Julie ? (a 24-yr.-old grad student from S.F.)
Brian Cohen (a 23-yr.-old English teacher in France from Jackson, NJ)
Christopher MacInnis (a 37-yr.-old baggage handler from Van Nuys)
Ucedrah Osby (a 35-yr.-old bus driver from Bakersfield, CA)

Heavy Petting Zoo Creatures (eight min.): Sheep, duck, pig & camel
DROPPED- Ucedrah (two; everyone else ran the table)

Forearm Fright Items (each player had an arm strapped to a table): Cotton balls, mice, salami & feather

SWEEP- Julie
SHUTOUT- Christopher (Brian: Two)

Troughs of Terror Items: Potato chips ("broken glass"), water toys ("lobsters") & dinner rolls ("hot coals")
$5K WINNER- Brian (19.3-29.2)
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