Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Chopped" 6/27/13

Sal(vatore) Lima (exec. chef in Little Italy within NY)
Palak Patel (culinary instructor in Brooklyn; originally from India)
Paul Joseph (FireBird exec. chef in NYC; born & raised in Haiti & he's playing for charity)
Steve Eakins (Ditch Plains exec. chef in NY; one of their signature dishes is a hot dog topped w/ macaroni & cheese & he wants to win the money so he can buy a wedding ring)
J: Scott, Geoffrey & Aaron

Appetizer: Seitan, purple ninja radishes, mezcal & canned chili that has no beans

Steve: Beef chili quesadilla w/ red onions, Cheddar & tortillas
Palak: Seitan curry w/ spices, jalapenos & mushrooms
Paul: Braised seitan w/ mezcal reduction, garlic powder, white onions & kalamata olives- CHOPPED
Sal: Sauteed seitan w/ red peppers and onions, mushrooms & bacon

Entree: Liquid aminos, beet greens, Alfredo sauce & fluke

Sal: Linguine mare e monti w/ tomatoes, pine nuts & parsley- CHOPPED
Palak: Seared fluke w/ coriander seeds, breadcrumbs & coconut milk
Steve: Cornmeal-crusted fluke w/ asparagus, vinegar & sugar

FOR $10K: Speck, sfogliatelle, crabapples & brewer's yeast

Steve: Speck ice cream & fritters w/ heavy cream, maple syrup & dried cherries
Palak: Dessert sandwich w/ milk, cardamom & cornstarch- W
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