Monday, July 01, 2013


Matt's new co-host is Akbar Gbaja-Biamila (a former football DE).

Obstacle Rundown: Quintuple Steps (one more than last season)/Frame Slider/Domino Hill (new)/Floating Chains/Flying Nunchucks/WW

TOP 30:
1. Jesse La Flair (1:04.3- way faster than last season)
2. Shane Daniels (1:14.05- he didn't get past the Salmon Ladder last season)
3. David Campbell (1:21.07 on G4 last night- improvement from last season)
4. Lance Pekus (a rancher from Salmon, ID who lost to the WW on G4 last season)(1:23.54)
5. James McGrath (1:32.38 last night- faster than last season & he was in the S3 finale)
6. Jonathan Roberson (1:32.78)
7. Brian Kretsch (1:45.98- way better than last season)
8. Dustin Rocho (1:53.33- he rebounded from a ruptured eardrum here last yr.)
9. Andrew Douglas (1:56.58)
10. Noah Kaufmann (an ER technician from South Lake Tahoe)(2:10.18)
11. Brent Steffensen (2:18.65- he's the one who went the farthest ever by an American last yr.)
12. Justin Walcker (2:26.95- better than last season & the first to complete this course tonight)
13. James Sclar (2:43.06- he lost on the SL at this point last season)
14. James Eggiman (2:43.07)
15. Travis Brewer (2:49.89 last night- he didn't get up to the top of that WW last season)
16. Forest Chaang-Turpin (3:10.9)
17. Yen Chen (Classical pianist)(4:26.04)
18. Tony Reddick (fell on FN at 53.26; he completed this course last season in 3:28.5)
19. Joseph Wilson (fell on FN at 53.51)
20. Paul Darnell (fell on FN at 1:00.52- he made it to S2 of the main course last season)
21. JB Douglas (fell on FN at 1:01.8- ditto)
22. Mario Bravo Mendoza (a general contractor from S.F.)(fell on FN at 1:02.27)
23. Daniel Dick (fell on FN at 1:03.15)
24. Ryan Thompson (fell on FN at 1:04.1; he completed this course in 4:39.32 last season)
25. Levi Keller (fell on FN at 1:04.13)
26. Dan Mast (fell on FN at 1:05.03)
27. Luke Carson (fell on FN at 1:10.06)
28. John Sanders (fell on FN at 1:12.8)
29. Will Roberts (fell on FN at 1:16.16; he fell on the Spinning Log in just shy of :10 last season)
30. Jessie Graff (a stuntwoman dressed as a chicken from Santa Monica)(fell on FN at 1:19.78- first female ever to at least make it to a regional final)

Notable Also-Rans:
Spencer Hurtt (fell on FN at 1:38.47; he lost to the WW his first two times)
Frosti Zernow (a former "Survivor: China" castaway who fell on the FN; he dropped from the Arm Rings on this course last yr.)
Alan Connealy (he dislocated his right shoulder on the FS in 11.9 & Noah helped him pop it back in place; he made it to S1 of Mt. Midoriyama last season)
Brian Orosco (fell on FN last night; he got to S2 of Mt. Midoriyama in the first season & S3 the second season)
Derek Nakamoto (fell on FC last night; he got to the Vegas rds. last yr.)
Melanie Darnell (a CPA who's Paul's wife- WIPED OUT in 1.6)
Kacy Catanzaro (an obstacle course trainer who's the girlfriend of Brent from Belleville, NJ- she fell on the FN in 2:29.93)
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