Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Wipeout" 7/25/13

New Q Obstacle This Week: "Wipeout" Marina
2nd: Tropic Blunder
$500 Ballsy Theme: Thor
Final Room Title: "Wipeout" Farmhouse

Top 12:
"Sideshow" Jim Klemek: 3:20.9 (best time of the week)
"Weather Finger" Joe Merrill: 4:00.5
"Totally Random" Tessa Farias: 4:36.8
Sarah Nash: 5:10.6
Tiffany Lupien: 4:40.2
Taylor "The Tailor" Dixon: 3:54.2
Amanda "Cat-Face-Shirt, which is the title of this episode)" Hayes: 5:01.6
Chris "Go-Go Grandson" Weaver: 3:22.5
Alvin Reza: 4:22.7- BONUS
Matt Klekotka: 4:56.3
"Delivery Knight" Anthony Corral, Jr. (a pizza delivery boy who drives a '96 Plymouth neon according to Anderson): 3:41.7
"Corn Star" Don Cornford: 3:48.3

Getting Past MPM: Chris, Jim, Taylor, Don, Joe & Anthony

Running Through the City & Into the WZ: Jim, Chris & Taylor


T: 8:54.73

J: 6:17.3- W (Chris didn't even make it past Dark Side of the Moon)
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