Monday, August 19, 2013

"Cutthroat Kitchen" 8/18

Ethan Taylor (private chef)
Jamie Gwen (chef/syndicated radio host)
Crystal "Pink" Harris (EC/restaurant owner)
Gary Gianchetti, Jr. (exec. sous chef)
GJ: Simon Majumdar

R1: Pork chops & applesauce

(Note: Pink didn't get her pork chops from the pantry in time.)

A #1:
1. Various pork products- GARY ($16,900 left)(gave Ethan overcooked pork chops, Jamie some pulled pork & Crystal a package of frozen, thin-cut pork chops)
2. Jar of Green Apple JOLLY ranchers- ETHAN ($16,600 left)(by giving this to Gary, he lost his apples)
3. Roll of aluminum foil- PINK ($15K left)(forced Jamie to make all hand tools & cooking vessels they employ w/ that foil)
4. Basket of raw apples- JAMIE ($23.5K left)(sent to Pink)

E: Beer & BBQ-braised pork w/ bacon, bourbon apple sorbet & truffle watercress salad
P: Fennel & apple-stuffed pork chops w/ crunchy raw apples, cognac apple sorbet & pickled fennel arugula salad- L
G: Roasted pork chops served over sweet potato puree topped w/ citrus & bacon jam

R2: Macaroni & cheese

A #2:
1. Selection of chocolates, dried fruit & brown sugar- GARY ($15,700 remaining)(handed to Ethan)
2. Basket of mostly artificial cheese products in exchange for all of their cheese- ETHAN ($11,600 remaining)(given to Gary)
3. Not being able to use your cooktop at all- ETHAN ($9.5K remaining)(shut down Gary, too)

E: White chocolate, Ricotta & marscapone M & C- L
J: Roasted cauliflower five-cheese M & C over roasted textured cauliflower
G: Baked cheesy spaetzle carbonara M & C w/ crispy cheese

FR: Fish & chips

A #3:
1. Turbot on sheet pan in exchange for all fish- JAMIE ($20.5K left)
2. Fry basket to stop opponent from being able to fry- JAMIE ($18K left over)

G: Baked Turbot & frites w/ broken lemon vinaigrette
J: Bourbon-battered fish & root vegetable chips w/ coconut cream lemon zest dipping sauce- W (Gary's decision to add the skin ultimately did him in)
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