Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Wipeout" 8/15/13- BEAUTY QUEENS EPISODE

After tonight, only four episodes remain in their season.

New Qualifier O: Picnic Peril
2nd: Tropic Blunder
$500 Ballsy Theme: Prince
Final Room Title: Shopping mall

Top 12:
Kari Volen (Miss California America): 4:01.6
"Mrs. Hot Stuff" Wendy Knapp (Montana- also a firefighter): 3:52.8
"Ms. Power Tool" Krizia Bajos (former Miss Hawaiian Tropic): 3:57.6
Alexis Carpenter (Miss El Cerrito): 5:31.9
Amanda Delgado ('12 Miss U.S. International & World Banana Queen): 3:35.6
"The Zombie Queen" Jasmine Garcia (also known as Betty Bites): 5:21.3
Brooke Allen-Burnstein (Miss Greater Las Vegas & Miss Clark County Dual Scholarship Pageant co-director; also a judge): 4:33.9
Teah Davis ('12 Miss Pioneer Days): 3:46.5
"Miss Georgia Peach" Annie Wilson (former Miss Southland & Georgia State): 3:41.7
"Glitzy Alex" Alexandra Morris (Miss Teen Nevada Int'l '10 & 25 titles overall): 4:19.4
"Redneck Pageant Princess" Kaci McCorkell (Miss Southern California): 3:32.9
Rachel Harrow: 4:40.1

Notable A-R:
Laci Kae Summers (Newport Beach): 8:25.3
Brittany Bauders (former beauty pageant runner-up for babies)

Beating MPM: Amanda, Wendy (1st player ever to advance to R3 after standing on a Sweeper arm towards the finish platform), Teah, Jasmine, Kaci & Annie

FINALISTS (after SS): Amanda, Annie & Kaci

(Note: Because there was very little movement at the start, I think Mr. Henson sounded the air horn several times followed by a few different sound effects.)


Annie: 9:44.62 (nice rebound from a nasty start)

Amanda: PL (she missed the steps at the end of the Dark Side of the Moon, so she had to do it over & it cost her dearly)

K: 6:53.56- W (roses are thrown at her when she won)
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