Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Millionaire" 11/13/13

Keisha Husain from South Richmond Hill, NY has a son at home (& her hubby's in attendance).

Pre-Randomized Rundown: Top Secret, Check the Blueprint, Rare Breeds, A Beautiful Drink, Not Just for Ladies, Step One, Cute Characters, Strange & Lonely, In Her Shoes & Piggy Banking
TT: Rare Breeds, Step One, Not Just For Ladies, Check the Blueprint, In Her Shoes, A Beautiful Drink, Strange & Lonely, Cute Characters, Top Secret & Piggy Banking

1. Sold for $2.5K each by a FL breeder, a rare check w/ black feathers, black organs & black flesh has been called what by the media?

A: "MINI Cooper of meat"
B: "Lamborghini of poultry"

C: "Lexus of venison"
D: "FIAT of fennel"

JtQ ALREADY (A: "Lamborghini of poultry")- $100

2. "Look for signs of an inability to feel remorse or guilt" is one of eHow's handy tips on "How to Spot a..." what?

A: Narcissist
B: Pathological liar
C: Psychopath

D: Game show host

Psychopath- $500

3. In '12, thinking his mic was off, Charles Barkley commented that getting paid to watch sports was less of a scam than his gig as spokesman for whom?

A: Revlon
B: Weight Watchers
C: Nair
D: Curves

WW- x7

4. Although NOT referring to an actual dwelling, "36-24-36" are measurements offered in the lyrics of a classic Funk song by what name?

A: "Stucco Villa"
B: "Mud Hut"

C: "Brick House"
D: "Log Cabin"

"Brick House"- TD $28.5K (1st break)

5. While doing a "closet-clean out" to raise $$$ for her Leadership Academy for Girls, who gave viewers the chance to literally "walk in her shoes"?

A: Rachael Ray

B: Katie Couric
C: Oprah Winfrey
D: Ellen DeGeneres

Oprah- $1K $29.5K

6. In 1839, a visiting English Naval captain declared of what classic Southern cocktail "They are, in fact, like the American ladies, irresistible"?

A: Manhattan
B: Mint Julep
C: Cosmopolitan

D: Bloody Mary

Cosmo- $2K $31.5K

7. The word "hermit" comes from a Greek word meaning "of the" what?

A: Forest
B: Desert
C: Grassland
D: Ocean

2ND JtQ (A: Desert)- $5K

8. A beloved children's character of books & TV, Angelina Ballerina's an eight-yr.-old what?

A: Pig
B: Turtle
C: Mouse
D: Rabbit

Mouse- $15K $46.5K (2nd break)

9. This yr., the U.S. government finally admitted the existence of what (also the title of a video game)?

A: Time machines
B: Aliens
C: Area 51

D: The man in the moon

"Area 51"- $7K $53.5K

For $63.5K: If you're looking to convert some cold hard coin, you'd get a roughly even trade if you made which of the following exchanges?

A: 1 lb. of quarters for 1 lb. of nickels
B: 1 lb. of dimes for 1 lb. of pennies

C: 1 lb. of dimes for 1 lb. of quarters
D: 1 lb. of quarters for 1 lb. of pennies


A: 12%
B: 32%
C: 55%
D: 1%

WALKS W/ $26,750 (A: 1 lb. of dimes for 1 lb. of quarters)

QotD: Kummerspeck, the German word used to describe weight gained from emotional overeating, translates to what in English?

A: Grief bacon
B: Agony butter
C: Emptiness cake
D: Torment candy

A: Grief bacon

$1K Q C #14: Joe (boss from Harlem)

This would've been a 100 grand Famous Impressions query:

Grammy-winning comic Vaughn Meader's career peaked & plummeted in '63 because he impersonated what famous personality?

A: Frank Sinatra
B: Ed Sullivan
C: John F. Kennedy
D: Elvis Presley

Ed Sullivan (after saying he was born in '79)- L (A: JFK)

(Final note: By this time, the CM think music's no longer used for audience contestants when they get to one of that rd.'s Q's.)

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