Sunday, December 08, 2013

"Guy's Grocery Games" 12/8

Lisa Gauntt (chef de cuisine from Ashland, MA; playing for son Griffin)
Timothy Abell (Flat Iron Truck & Catering Co. owner)
Lisa Stalvey (caterer & author from Malibu)
Captain Mark Curry (firehouse chef & 4th generation firefighter from Simi Valley playing for the L.A. City Fire Department)
J: Richard, Melissa & Beau

FFF (35 min. to shop in this game):
Lisa G.: Breaded & poached cod in white wine w/ green bean & shrimp salad & sweet potato puree
T: NY Wellington Porterhouse & Rack of lamb w/ pea mash, pearl onions & crostini
M: Porterhouse on puff pastry & shrimp w/ quinoa & pea salad
Lisa S.: Rice & shrimp jambalaya w/ mixed veggies & cilantro-ginger butter sauce- C-O

(Note: Later this game, Guy brought a sale cart & each chef got to choose one ingredient from it.)

1. Technically a fruit juice, but people don't usually drink it
2. It's an essential part of a Mediterranean diet
A: Olive oil- TIMOTHY (gets to shop for one more item after first trip through the aisles)

NCA (kids' meals):
Lisa G.: Zucchini corn cakes & chicken w/ Greek yogurt/olive oil sauce
M: Turkey & sausage meatballs over polenta w/ tomato sauce
T: Veggies & turkey salad w/ carrot & celery root ragu- C-O

CT (three min. to shop in this playing; as the clock winds down in this particular game for the shopping, the lights steadily go out):
Lisa G.: Indian-inspired lamb savory pot pie
M: Deconstructed shepherd's pie- W

$$$: Head of garlic, angel hair pasta, sparkling water, can of chicken soup, baby food, sliced meat, ice cream, bag of rice, turmeric & grated Parmesan
$16K (didn't get the turmeric & also missed the Parmesan because he got some DiGiorno shredded Romano)
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