Thursday, January 31, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: "Minute" to be revived on GSN

GSN has apparently decided to revive the teams version of "Minute to Win It" for 40 episodes.

Source: Buzzerblog

"project RUNWAY" 1/31/13

CHALLENGE #2: They need to make new SPiN server & ballboy uniforms; to be exact, both teams need to make five looks (three female models & two males). Only the winning team's uniforms will be used nationwide.
mood Budget of the Week (half-hr.): $500
GJ: Susan Sarandon

RUNWAY SONG CHOICE THIS WEEK: "Never Gonna Stop" by Rob Zombie (a song used in the remake of "Rollerball")

BTW, Daniel does have immunity this week, even though it wasn't mentioned last week.

DT: Michelle (female server), Samantha and Tu (female server), James (male server), Benjamin and Cindy (female server) & Matthew and Benjamin (ballboy)
KiR: Layana and Daniel (female), Stanley (male), Kate and Patricia (female), Amanda (female) & Joseph and Richard (ballboy)

MVP- Layana
OUT- James

"King of the Nerds" 1/31

NW #3: Inside a live gaming hall, both teams have to navigate a quadcopter through an obstacle, but their opponents will try to hinder its progress by shooting live ammunition at it. In each rd., both teams have three min. to accumulate as many points as they can- the large gates are worth 10, the small gates are worth 100 & both the chomper & fire gates are worth 500 each. However, every time a quadcopter gets shot down to the ground, a 500-pt. penalty will be assessed. 

Flyers: Danielle & Celeste
Shooters: Alana & Joshua

Flyers: Moogega & Virgil
Shooters: Genevieve & Brandon

N-O #3: Brandon (Blextrophy) vs. Danielle (3-2 over Joshua)
GAME: They're playing soccer, but they're using remote-controlled golf carts to move the balls. Best two-out-of-three wins.

"The NEWLYWED Game" 1/31

Will & Karen (each of their previous relationships involved someone w/ their same first names)
Ben & Lisa (he calls her "Hair Force" because of how long her hair is)
Dario & Kalli (who decided to have a kid after dating for three months & moved in together after only four; she looks like Sherri in the face)

1. "I know this may not seem like a typical turn-on, but I love it when my wife wears her ______________ to bed."
2. Marriage's about sharing but not oversharing- what's one thing you say she talks about that you want her to keep to herself?
3. Last yr.'s Summer Olympics saw the debut of Women's Boxing- the last time she took a jab at you, what do you say it was about?

W & K:
1. Boyshorts- SNUG TANKTOP
2. Going to the bathroom- OTHER PEOPLE'S DRAMA
3. His driving- HE GETTING FRESH

B & L:
2. $$$ problems- EX
3. His bathroom etiquette- $$$

D & K:
1. High heels- T-SHIRT W/ NO PANTIES
2. Going to the bathroom- $$$ PROBLEMS (I Do-Over Alert)
3. His joking about what she was wearing- HIS MAN BOOBS

SH: Rocky Mountaineer

1. After the wedding & the honeymoon, what do you say was the high point of his first yr. of married life?
2. You're trying to impress your boss by inviting him to your house for dinner- which of your hubby's bad habits do you say has the biggest chance of turning a nice evening into an embarrassment?
3. Sometimes, Sherri & Sal act like a couple of teenagers in love- what's something you say the two of you do together that makes you feel like you're still in HS?
BQ: Every guy can get in touch w/ his feminine side every once in a while, so what do you say when you think back & tell us the title of the first chick flick you got him to watch w/ you?

K & W:
1. Camping trip on Memorial Day Weekend- THEY'RE SO CONNECTED
2. Dirty dishes in the sink- RECYCLING
3. Holding hands & kissing while driving- STAYING IN THE COUCH, WATCHING TV & PLAYING VIDEO GAMES

L & B:
1. Trip to The Hamptons- MOVING IN TOGETHER
2. Leaving his towel on the floor- LEAVING BATH TOWELS ALL OVER THE GROUND (10)
3. Going on runs together- GETTING IT ON
B: "Bridesmaids"- "PRETTY WOMAN"

K & D:
1. Her birthday in Chicago- THE WEEKEND THEY TOOK FOR THEIR BIRTHDAY (10)
3. Date nights- DATE NIGHTS (mostly to the movies or dinner)(30)
B: "The Wedding Planner"- "THE NOTEBOOK"

CP: Anolon

Gordon & Michelle (she likes video games & they started a comic book company)
Mike & Sha (who first hit it off at a Christmas party)
Mickey & Marisa (he proposed to her at Carnegie Hall; she was pregnant at the time this episode taped)

1. Tell us the one thing you say she does that could instantly bring you to your knees w/ puppy love.
2. Who does she think you say she would be most likely to stalk on facebook- one of her ex-boyfriends or one of your ex-girlfriends?
3. Since you know her better than anyone, we bet that you could do a spot-on impression of her- what do you say channeling her by completing "Ugh, I hate my __________"?

G & M:
2. Her- WRONG
3. Husband picking his toes- BOOBS

M & S:
1. Give him her pleading face- RUB HIS HEAD
2. Her- WRONG
3. Weight- LOVE HANDLES (5)

M & M:
1. Scratching his back- BACK SCRATCHES (5)
2. His- MATCH (10)
3. Husband's farts- BOOBS

SH: St. James's Club

1. Think back to the very first time you laid your eyes on him- what do you say was the first thing you noticed about him?
2. When it comes to talking to her about what you want, from his sex life, how clear do you say your communication is- a billboard w/ 10-ft.-tall letters, a radio w/ a bit of static or a cellphone w/ zero service?
3. "The last time I had to bite my lip when it came to my in-laws was when they _____________________."
BQ: What was the last thing you say he bought you that made you question his intelligence as a consumer?

M & G:
1. He's tall- HEIGHT (6'9")(10)
2. Billboard- RADIO
3. She's never had to bite her lip- TRY TO CONTROL THE SITUATION
B: Expensive jewelry- A WATCH FOR CHRISTMAS

S & M:
1. Style- MANNERS (15)
3. Ruined his birthday surprise- SPOKE
B: Video game- VIDEO GAME (40)

M & M:
1. Beautiful blue eyes- FARTING
2. Radio- RADIO (20)
3. Never- FARTED

CP: Food processor

Justin & Dana (who say they use Nair to manscape)
Dennis & Victoria (she hit on him at a bar)
Earl & Christa (they met when she was a babysitter for his kids)

WINNERS- Earl & Christa (15-5-65; they only missed their second Q)
SH: Smugglers Cove
CP: The NY Pass

Ed & Paige (who put the dollar into a cigar approximately every time they do sex)
Anthony & Schellcy (he thinks she overspends)
David & Lauren (she thinks he's really indecisive)

WINNERS- Anthony & Schellcy (15-30-15; the BQ was a TS)
SH: Omni Cancun

1/31 Quick News & Notes

-The current Aussie version of "The Price is Right" was officially CANCELLED yesterday.
-Josie's officially eliminated from "Top Chef".
-Former "It's Worth What?" host Cedric the Entertainer's the current frontrunner to replace Meredith on "Millionaire" next season.
-Long-time "The Singing Bee" host Melissa Peterman has been named the host of abc's "Bet On Your Baby".
-GSN will air a "dancing with the stars" Season 6 marathon on Super Bowl Sunday from 5 PM-3:30 AM. 
-"Let's Make a Deal" posted its highest weekly ratings ever last week. Also, tomorrow's QD items are a pager & a Mother's Day card.

Various sources contributed to this report. 

"Jeopardy!" 1/31

Katie Stone (El Paso)- A Sr. who passed her driving test on her third attempt (parallel parking gave her the most trouble)
Nilai Sarda (Marietta)- A Freshman who was a former National Geography Bee runner-up
Brittany Poppen (Goodyear, AZ)- Jr.

Let's Start This Class Off W/:

Using the HSS has temporarily paid off for Nilai, heading right into the DD assigned to the $800 Near the End of the Century spot while also hunting for it; he's the early leader at $3,400 to Brittany's $2K & Katie's $1,200. For another G-spot:

In 1799, the Rosetta Stone was found in this country.

"What is Egypt?"...good for $4,400! He adds $200 to his mix before the TO; Katie's slightly dipped to $3K.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1K (Breakfast Cereals)
TOTAL LT: $2,200

Scores Heading Into DJ!:
Brittany: $2K
Nilai: $7K
Katie: $4,400

On Tap in DJ!:

Nilai's going DDH does Katie, but Nilai picks off his second of the evening w/ the $1,600 India clue & $8,600; he leads Katie by $2,200. That boy risks exactly his current lead:

The waters of the Palk Strait separate India's Tamil Nadu State from this island nation.

"What is Sri Lanka?"...for the second time in a row, shortly after we see him nodding his head while Alex's finishing a clue, he turns out to be right & now moves to $10,800! Better than that, he has a DDS by choosing the $2K Around the White House w/ Alex answer. Nilai's working on $12,400 & has a $1,600 cushion over Katie; Brittany's finally gone up to $4,800. On this PDD, he wagers a thou:

The kids from last yr.'s Teen Tourney went along, too; here we all are on this directional part of the property.

"What is The South Lawn?" indeed it!

TOTAL DJ! LT: $7,600

Post-DJ! Scoring:
Brittany: $4,400
Nilai: $16,600
Katie: $12,400

Brittany: $4,400
Nilai: $16,800
Katie: $12,400

FJ! TOPIC: Fundraising.

In 2011, the city of Savannah granted an exemption allowing the sale of these items outside Juliette Gordon Low's birthplace.

BRITTANY: "What are books?" ($3K) = $1,400
KATIE: "What are Girl Scout Cookies?" (because Juliette was the Girl Scouts founder)($1,400) = $13,800
NILAI: SAME AS KATIE ($1,400) = $18K

"Wheel of Fortune" 1/31

Goofy does the intro for the second & final time this week.

$1K T-U: Place

T _ E / _ _ _ N T _ D

_ _ N _ _ _ _

Emily & Tedd goof w/ THE UNITED KINGDOM.

T _ E / _ _ _ N T _ D

_ _ N _ I _ _

Amanda & Mike steal THE HAUNTED MANSION. The couples on this non-Halloween night:

Amanda & Mike Nation (married for 12 yrs. from Oceanside)- He's a Chief Warrant Officer in the Marine Corps for about 13 yrs. & they have three children (Tony, Michael & Sarah)
Angie & Greg Solga (married for seven yrs. from Orwigsburg, PA)- She's a univ. biology professor, he's an airline pilot; they're also both balloon animal makers & have a 2.5-yr.-old daughter (Mary)
Emily & Tedd Glazebrook (married for 16 yrs. from Gilbert, AZ)- He's a director of finance at the Univ. of Phoenix & they met at a church; they have four daughters (Halle, Emmy, Caitleigh & Lacey)

$2K T-U: What Are You Doing?

_ _ _ _ H I _ G

F I R _ W _ _ _ S

Angie & Greg may shortly be WATCHING FIREWORKS in a really good way.

Featured Disney Trip: Disneyworld ($5,927)
1/2 CAR of the Night: Honda Fit (worth $16K+, so the Chevrolet Spark will be offered one last time tomorrow)

Eggland's Best Jackpot R: Event

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _

_ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _

_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

Solgas: 4 T's ($500 + JACKPOT), 3 E's, 3 A's, 2 H's ($900), 2 I's, 5 O's, 2 U's, 4 N's ($500 + JACKPOT), 2 G's ($900)

_ A T _ H I N G / A

_ N O _ _ _ A _ E / O N

T H E / T I _ / O _

_ O U _ / T O N G U E

She solves CATCHING A SNOWFLAKE ON THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE for an additional $6,350.


Current Scores:

Glazebrooks: $0/Nations: $1K/Solgas: $8,350

Mystery R: Title

_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _

_ _ _ _ / _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _

Glazebrooks: 3 T's ($900), BANKRUPT (next to $650)
Nations: LaT
Solgas: 2 H's ($450), 3 E's, A, 3 N's ($500 + 1/2 CAR next to $300; Greg tried to grab it prematurely)

_ _ N N _ E / T H E

_ _ _ H / A N _

T _ _ _ E _ / T _ _

The Solgas ID WINNIE THE POOH AND TIGGER TOO to add a Benjamin.

SOLE LaT: Nations
SOLE BANKRUPT: Glazebrooks

Current Scores:

Glazebrooks: $0/Nations: $1K/Solgas: $10,350 1/2 CAR

PP: Song Lyrics

_ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ / _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

Nations: 3 S's ($500 + WC), 6 E's, A
Solgas: N ($550)

_ E / _ _ _ / _ _ E S _

_ _ _ / _ _ _

S E _ _ _ _ E

_ _ / _ _ E / _ E S _

The Glazebrooks then nail "BE OUR GUEST, PUT OUR SERVICE TO THE TEST" from "Beauty & The Beast" to snatch the big trip to Disney California Adventure.

DUDS: A (Nations), N (Solgas)

Current Scores:

Glazebrooks: $9,978 trip/Nations: $1K WC/Solgas: $10,350

$3K T-U: Phrase

_ _ E / _ E _ T / _ F

_ _ _ _ Y _ _ _ _ _

The Glazebrooks may have THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, because they're in the lead w/ $22 shy of $13K in cash & Disneyland.

R4: Things

_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Glazebrooks: 3 T's ($5K), 2 E's, S ($300), A, H ($400), 3 O's, 2 R's ($500), U (FP), 3 I's

T I _ E - H O _ O R E _

T R A _ I T I O _ S

One of the TIME-HONORED TRADITIONS around here is giving away some nice $$$ like they just did to the tune of $15,700 extra!

SOLE DUD: U (Glazebrooks)

Current Scores:

Glazebrooks: $28,678 in cash & Disneyland/Nations: $1K WC/Solgas: $10,350

S-U: Food & Drink
FS: $1.5K

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

LETTER(S): R, 2 T's, S, 2 E's

S _ _ T

_ R E T _ E L

That SOFT PRETZEL pays off at another three biggies for The Solgas.

Final Scores:

Glazebrooks: $28,678 in cash & vacation/Nations: $2K/Solgas: $13,350

GT: $44,028


$100K BR #94: Emily happens to also land on the second A in AMERICA'S.

Subject: Person

The first word's the one they should be shooting for to find some more help:

S _ _ N _ _

_ E R _


S P _ N _ _

H E R _

They talk it out hard...but can't capture this SPUNKY HERO & they're not the second straight $35K winners.

$5K SPIN ID #89: CK9275202


"Family Feud" 1/31

Wouldn't it be something if we have a car game doubleheader tomorrow? It's not likely, but let's just see how this evening's games play out:

G1: Stones vs. Pawlaks ($21,595)

R1: Name something you never want to fall asleep while doing:

#1: Driving (41)(Pat)
#2: Sex/"The Poke-N'-Ride" (35)(Brian)

Adam: Work- X
Eric: Smoking- #3 (4)
Nick: Studying- XX

Scott (who has more medals besides that Purple Heart): Operating heavy machinery- XXX

Brian Steal: Cooking- BA (3)(80)(Other BA: Dropping a deuce)(3)

R2: 100 men were surveyed to name their favorite dance:


#5: Sliding down a pole/striptease (9)(Tamala)

DUD- Lapdance (Adam)

Sharon (a wife & mom who's also a part-time Avon representative): The Twist- X
Leyfane (a 58-yr.-old logistics administrator at DuPaul University & return adult student earning her Master's Degree in African-Centered Education who's also a two-time stroke survivor; her name was given to she by her grandparents): The Grind/slow dance (Rena "Sable" Mero did that late in her run as WWE Women's Champion)- #2 (15)
Charita: Step(ping)- XX (but she & Steve do some stepping anyway)
Brian: Hula- XXX

Pat Steal: Bump & Grind- WRONG (Stones: 104)

#1: Salsa (17)
#3: Two-Step (14)
#4: Tango (13)
#6: Disco (8)

#7: Chicken Dance (7)

Double: Name something people scoop:

#1: Ice cream (60)(Sharon)

Leyfane: Dump trucks that scoop up dirt- X
Charita: Dog poop- #2 (23)
Brian: Salsa- XX
Tamala: Bride by a groom- XXX

Pat Steal #2: Peanut butter- NO (Stones: 270)

#3: Gossip/news (4)
#4: Snow (3)
BAs: Cat litter (in a box) & sand (2 each)

Triple: "I wouldn't want to be dating someone who was always asking me for _________________.":

#1: $$$ (85)(Lefayne)

Charita: Sex- #2 (5)
Brian: Car- BA (2)
Tamala: Time- X
Sharon: A place to stay- XX
Lefayne: To marry me- XXX

Pat Steal #3: Advice- SHUT OUT (Other BA: Cigarettes)(2)


1. Name someone you'd be shocked to receive a naughty text message from.
2. Name something a person would be happy to get out of.
3. On the 1-10 scale, how good are you at saving money?
4. Name something you often see young kids selling.
5. Besides a teacher, name a job at a HS.

1. Uncle- DUD
2. Car- DUD
3. Five- 20
4. Lemonade- 36
5. Principal- 23

1. Pastor- 15
2. Old relationship(s)- 4
3. Four- 10
4. Orange juice- DUD
5. Gym teacher- 8
TOTAL- 114 ($570, which is all they're leaving w/, at least for now)

1. Mom
2. Debt
5. Janitor/custodian

G2: Traceys ($21,405) vs. Willingers (Louisville)

R1: Name a place you see buns:

#1: Bakery (41)(Paul)


Traceys (Paul's also wearing a Steve tie):
Jim: Grocery store- #3 (13)
Kathi: Hamburger- X
Maureen: Oven- XX
Kristin: Restaurant- #2 (28)
Paul: At the beach- #4 (11)
Jim: Hot dog- XXX

Ken Steal (for 93): Gentlemen's club- COUNTS AS STRIP JOINT (3)

R2: Name something a cab driver wouldn't want someone to do in his cab. Imagine if the "Ca$h Cab" was still running:

#2: Make love (to self)(17)(Katie- she wanted Steve to kiss him, but he said he wanted Mr. Dawson to be the sole kissing host of the show & mentioned that he passed away recently)

#6: Smoke (6)(Jim)


Kristin: Tuck & roll- X
Susan: Throw up/puke- #1 (40)
Kelly: Make rude comment(s)- XX
Ken (who's reportedly a healthcare professional): Cardiac arrest/heart attack- ALL FORMS OF DYING COUNT AT THE BOTTOM (2)
Katie: Have a baby- XXX

Paul Steal (for 65): Piss/poop- #4 (8)

#3: Cut the cheese (10)
#5: Pull a gun/rob (7)
Other BA: Get drunk/pass out (2)

Double: Name something a lazy guy might try to teach his dog to turn on:

#1: TV (73)(Kathi)

Maureen: Stove- X
Kristin: Computer- XX
Paul: Lights- #2 (17)
Jim: Stereo- XXX

Ken Steal #2 (for another 180): Shower/bath- DON'T THINK SO (Traceys: 245)

#3: Wife/girlfriend (3)
BAs: AC/thermostat & microwave (2 each)

Triple: Name a kind of string that could break during a performance:

#2: Bikini/G-string (11)(Susan)
#3: Tightrope/high wire (6)(Maureen)

Kelly: Microphone- X
Ken: Guitar/instrument- #1 (73)
Katie: Shoe- WIN (4)

FM #2:

1. On the 1-10 scale, how willing are you to serve on jury duty?
2. Name a scent car air fresheners come in.
3. Tell me a lady's name that starts w/ M.
4. Name a food that's red on the inside.
5. Name something that's made for people to put their fingers into.

1. Three- 6
2. Lavender- DUD
3. Mary- 32
4. Pepperoni- 13
5. Water

1. One- 28
2. Melon- DUD
3. Megan- 4
4. Watermelon- 21
5. Sand
TOTAL- 104 ($520)

2. Pine/evergreen
4. Tomato
5. Gloves


"Millionaire" 1/31

I have a good feeling about the final result for Elena.

$250K (Classic Items): In 1893, William Wrigley, Jr. decided to start selling chewing gum after giving it away for free w/ what product?

A: Baker's yeast
B: Salt
C: Baking powder
D: Flour


A: 31%
B: 11%
C: 33%
D: 25%

NO MORE MONEY (A: Baking powder)

The first (& maybe only new player) today's also from NY, Cassandra Morrison (a graduate student studying Occupational Therapy; her grandmother's 105 yrs. old).

TT: Good Read, Cash Checking, Strait Talk, On the Internet, On Exhibit, To Read or Not to Read, Alphabet Soup, Title Sounds Familiar, Dolled Up & Eat Local

1. A work of popular fiction characterized by scenes of unrestrained romantic passion's known as a what?

A: Bodice ripper
B: Stocking stuffer
C: Thong twister
D: Garter dropper

FA: Bodice ripper- $1K

2. Which of these office supply brands makes a specialty item used to detect counterfeit U.S. paper currency?

A: Wite-Out
B: Post-it

C: Sharpie
D: Swingline

FA: Sharpie- x6 

3. Though it might sound like a body of water, which of the following's the name of a Grammy-winning country star?

A: Hudson Strait
B: Taiwan Strait
C: George Strait
D: Bering Strait

FA: George- $2K ($8K)

Her audience supporters are mom & dad Sandra & Ralph.

4. By definition, if you're "egosurfing" on the Internet, you're running searches on Google for what?

A: Sports scores
B: Cat videos
C: Weather reports
D: Yourself

FA: Yourself- $7K ($15K)

5. The Leatherneck Gallery's part of a D.C. area museum dedicated to what?

A: U.S. Census Bureau
B: U.S. Postal Service
C: U.S. Marine Corps
D: U.S. Forest Service


A: 2%
B: 5%
C: 87%
D: 6%

FA: Marine Corps- $3K ($18K)

6. Assertig "brevity is the soul of wit", Shakespeare wouldn't be surprised that what government document's four times longer than his complete works?

A: Affordable Care Act
B: International Revenue Code
C: The Starr Report
D: Rules of The Supreme Court

FA: IRC- $100 ($18,100)

7. Which of these drugstore products claims that it's "Complete from A to Zinc"?

A: Rogaine
B: Claritin
C: Centrum
D: Airborne

FA: Centrum- $15K ($33,100)

8. Perhaps revealing that she watches a lot of TV, Danielle Steel has written novels that share titles w/ all but which of these sitcoms?

A: "The Nanny"
B: "Family Ties"
C: "One Day at a Time"
D: "Wings"

FA: "The Nanny"- $500 ($33,600)

9. Released in 2011, Tokidoki Barbie created controversy because she sported what?

A: Handgun
B: Nose ring
C: Tattoos
D: A shaved head

JUMPED (A: Tattoos)- $10K

For $58,600: A popular movement among restaurants to use only ingredients available locally's commonly known by which of these phrases?

A: Cellar-to-pantry
B: Market-to-home
C: Farm-to-table
D: Store-to-store

Farm-to-table- RIGHT

Q of the Day: W/ 48.5% of U.S. households watching, the showdown between which rivals was the most-watched non-Super Bowl sporting event?

A: Ali & Frazier
B: Harding & Kerrigan

C: Magic & Bird
D: Agassi & Sampras

A: Harding & Kerrigan

CM #46:

$100K (What to Wear): If the Stetson hat went by the first name of the inventor instead of the last, it would be called a what?

A: John hat
B: Henry hat
C: Bill hat
D: Frank hat

USES LAST LIFELINE (A: John, which was jumping out at her)

$250K (Disney): Before Walt Disney passed away in 1966, one of the last things he wrote down was the name of what actor?

A: Dennis Quaid
B: John Travolta
C: Michael Douglas
D: Kurt Russell

WALKS (A: Kurt)

Tomorrow, "American Pickers" stars Mike Wolfe (creator) & Frank Fritz will play a charity game.


"Let's Make a Deal" 1/31

The Fri. intro video's used.

Brandon's FD Decision (a fitness professional dressed as a farmer): CURTAIN #1 (so his $800 will be split amongst the other two traders)- Pair of HDTVs w/ an iPad & one-yr. satellite TV service plan ($3,616)
Peggy's FD Decision (a San Diego Convention Center meet & greeter dressed as a cheeseburger): $1,200 (CURTAIN #2)- Remote-controlled bed w/ the gorilla on it
Kevin's FD Decision (a food company forklift operator dressed as a blue ER nurse): BB (his fiancee's named Charlin)- Four-night trip to the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Mexico from The Journeymasters ($6,200)


Odette ("Moulin Rouge" Can-Can dancer) plays Car Pong for a redesigned Subaru Impreza Sedan (Fairly loaded) w/ a $19,034 value.

(Notes: As of this playing, the prize labels are also on the bottom of the inside of the cups & the balls are yellow instead of blue.)

Prompt: As of '12, cities that have hosted "The Real World"
Choices: L.A., NY, Seattle & Montreal
PICKS: L.A., Seattle & NY


Majority Rules:

Rejected in R1: RB- Hambag
Rejected in R2: GB (luxury)- Pair of Invicta rose gold-tone watches ($1,790)

Samantha (grandfather clock): BB (heat)- BBQ/patio set ($2,747)
Justin (cowboy) & Madelon (Fall): BB (used outdoors)- Suzuki DR-Z 400S ($6,394)

We're about to do a new deal called Card Multiplier- the Aces & face cards have been removed from the deck. Whatever number's on the drawn card will be multiplied by a cash amount.

Linda's R: (a mom who's going back to college studying Business Administration dressed as a tennis pro): CURTAIN #1- Strong Spa 6 w/ Wayfair gazebo ($7,518)(Card: 8 OF DIAMONDS X $200)

Randy (a girl dressed as cotton candy) & Chad (moneybag) play another card game, Card Sharks, for a Scion iQ worth $16,020.

I: ACE OF CLUBS- ITP (the ding sounded by mistake)
G ($1K): 3 OF HEARTS


FD: CURTAIN #2- Trip to Nelson Spring Beach Villas & Spa (SE, which the dice roll was about: Roach motel)

PD #2

Here is the base Mystery Money Board (the text's been slightly revised) for Sarah (scissors):


FD: CHANGE & GO FOR SB- SAMSUNG smartphone & android tablet w/ one-yr. plan ($2,949)(MMB: $4,108)

BD #85 (Linda):

SD (#3): Pool table ($3,550)
MD (#2): $5K Vegas trip- GAME OVER
BD (#1): '13 Nissan Rogue S (Fairly loaded)($24,960)

Jennifer left her $500 QD item at home, a deflated red balloon.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Top Chef" 1/30/13

The remainder of this season will be via an Alaskan Cruise on the Celebrity INFINITY.

QC: Cook something including iceberg lettuce for the Welcome Aboard Party in two hrs. to serve 200 guests. The winner receives the advantage in the next EC.
CJ: Curtis Stone


Stefan: Braised iceberg, pastrami, fingerling potato & blue cheese sauce
Sheldon: Vietnamese lettuce wrap w/ pork, shrimp & pickled iceberg hearts- WIN
Lizzie: Iceberg salad w/ crispy bacon, shallots & anchovy vinaigrette
Josh: Iceberg roll w/ apple cider vinaigrette, bacon jam & blue cheese
Brooke: Iceberg wrap w/ bacon, scallop, caramelized onion & crispy Quinoa

EC #11: Do a different take on Surf N' Turf. Sheldon gets to choose his proteins first & they're out of play for the rest of the cheftestants. The one-week cruise for two the winner will receive is to The Caribbean on the Celebrity REFLECTION.


Brooke (mussels & frog legs): Mussels & frog legs w/ celery root & fennel puree, papadums & shallot chutney
Stefan (pork belly & eel): Braised pork belly w/ beer sauce, parsnip & eel ravioli
Josh (scallops & pork belly): Scrambled scallops w/ braised pork belly & bacon
Sheldon (lobster & Filet Mignon): Korean BBQ Filet Mignon & tempura lobster w/ sesame cabbage, kimchi & teriyaki sauce
Lizzie (pork & scallops): Cabbage stuffed and suckling pig & scallops w/ mustard sour cream

WINNER- Brooke (2nd place: Joshua)
DEMOTED- Stefan (Next-to-last: Sheldon)

LCKC #10: The key ingredient's offal outdoors.

Kristen: Chicken livers w/ garlic & mustard caramel, pickled fruit & herb salad
Stefan: Beuscherl of innards w/ cream sauce, bread galette & parsley salad- LOSS


Irene Vazquez (Houston)- An 8th Grader who's a big "SNL" fan
Kelton Ellis (Macon, GA)- A Junior who's the captain of his quiz bowl team
Lila Anderson (Minnetonka, MN)- A Jr. who plays soccer as a midfielder

Base Board for This TT:

On the $800 clue in The State of the Mall, Lila takes the DD w/ $1,400 while being in a 2nd-place tie w/ Kelton; they're both trailing by $400. Lila goes for it all:

Westfield Vancouver & Pacific Place Mall

"What is Washington?"...right she is! She gives $1K right back to close that category & the first half of the rd., though. At the conclusion of the second segment, Irene's in LGT w/ $5,200 & Lila's sitting on $2K; Kelton will enter DJ! $400 in the hole.

LT (all attempted): $4,600

DJ! Blackboard:

A PDD jumps at Kelton from the $1,600 Pompeii spot w/ $1,200 in the positive world; Lila's now at $2,800. He goes for $1.5K:

Though Egyptian, Isis was popular in Pompeii; her temple had holy water imported from this river, more than 1K miles away.

"What is the Nile?"...right to take the boy to $2,700, although he loses $2K of that immediately on its last clue. While they're going DDH...he takes the other away from the $1,200 answer about electricity & is in better shape than he was before w/ $6,300- he's $500 behind Lila for 2nd & $3.5K out of 1st. This time, he risks three biggies:

Canada's power is 60% from this source, like the water going over Churchill Falls.

"What is Hydroelectric?"...indeed, that's the source!

TOTAL DJ! LT: $7,200

Scores Heading Into FJ!:
Lila: $2,400
Kelton: $12,100
Irene: $12K


Lila: $1,800

Kelton: $10,400
Irene: $12K

There's a Teen Online Test coming for the next TT.

FJ! SUBJECT: Historic Quotes.

In Apr. 1865 he said "Go home, all you boys who fought with me, and help to build up the shattered fortunes of our old state".

LILA: "Who is Robert E. Lee?" (ALL-IN) = $4,800
KELTON: "Who is Lee?" (ALL-IN) = $24,200

"Deal" notes

-Tiffany Coyne & husband Chris are expecting their first child.
-Tomorrow's big QD items are a brown paper lunch bag & a pepper packet.

"Wheel of Fortune" 1/30

Donald Duck gets to do the intro tonight.

$1K T-U: Character

B _ _ _

_ _ G _ T _ E _ R

Previously solved as a $100K bonus puzzle during Teen Best Friends Week back on 11/21/05, it is NOT Jeff & Stacy's BULL FIGHTER (he said it).

B U _ Z

_ _ G _ T _ E _ R

Joey & Julie solve BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. Now, to the couples:

Julie & Joey Layton (married for 12 yrs. from Highlands Ranch, CO)- She's an Internet company controller, whereas he's a real-estate person; they have two kids (nine-yr.-old Jonah & six-yr.-old Jordi)
Jeff & Stacy Bell (married for seven yrs. from Ft. Bragg, NC)- He's an Army Staff Sergeant and Combat Medic & Cardiovascular Specialist at Womack Army Medical Center, while she's a former Army member; they also have two kids (four-yr.-old Chloe & one-yr.-old Mathias)
Mark & Heather Carter (married for six yrs.)- He's a Miami Valley firefighter w/ his brothers; they have four kids (eight-yr.-old Grace & Tagg, five-yr.-old daughter Faith & two-yr.-old son Cole)

$2K T-U: Food & Drink

_ I _ Z _ / A _ D

P A _ T _

Stacy solves PIZZA AND PASTA to get that duo on the board that time.

Featured Disney Trip: Disney Cruise Line to The Bahamas
1/2 CAR of the Night: Chevrolet Spark

PureSilk Jackpot R: What Are You Doing?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

Bells: 2 T's ($900), E, BANKRUPT (MDW's left side)
Carters: 5 N's ($500 + TRAVELSMITH), 4 I's, O, 3 G's ($500 + 1/2 CAR next to $900), 2 A's, U

_ I N G I N G / A N _

_ A N _ I N G / T O

T _ E / _ U _ I _

They're SINGING AND DANCING TO THE MUSIC for $4K in cash & gift card & also retain control.


Current Scores:

Laytons: $1K/Bells: $2K/Carters: $4K in cash & tag 1/2 CAR

Mystery R: Song Lyrics

_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ / _ / _ _ _ _

Carters: BANKRUPT (next to $3.5K)
Laytons: R ($3.5K), 2 A's, T ($500), 2 S's ($650), 2 W's ($500 + other 1/2 CAR)

W _ _ _ / _ _ _ / W _ S _

_ _ _ _ / A / S T A R

I cried at this song when I was young- they know it's "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR" by Jiminy Cricket to not only keep their turn at the wheel, but add $6,050 to their $$$ stash.


Current Scores:

Laytons: $7,050 1/2 CAR/Bells: $2K/Carters: $4K in cash & card

PP: Living Things

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

Laytons: 2 S's ($400), 2 E's, 3 A's, I (FP), T ($300), O
Bells: 2 M's ($700), U, 2 H's ($550)

M A _ E S T I _

H U M _ _ A _ _

_ H A _ E S

Team Bell earns 2,250 more dollars & they'll be seeing some MAJESTIC HUMPBACK WHALES on their DCL to AK worth $9,958.

SOLE DUD: O (Laytons)

Current Scores:

Laytons: $7,050/Bells: $14,208 in cash & cruise/Carters: $4K in cash & travel gear

$3K T-U: Movie Title

_ _ _ _ / _ _ _

_ H _ / _ _ _ _ P

Team Carter IDs "LADY AND THE TRAMP" for a new score of $7K, just $50 shy of second place.

R4: Phrase

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _

_ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Carters: R ($300)
Laytons: T ($600), 2 A's, LaT
Bells: S ($300), E
Carters: N ($900)
Laytons: L ($550), I, D ($650), M ($500), T ($900)
Bells: H ($700), 2 O's

_ O _ / S A I D

A / M O _ T H _ _ L

Jeff says to Mr. Sajak "YOU SAID A MOUTHFUL" to quadruple their $500 remainder.

DUDS: E (Bells), R (Carters)
SOLE LaT: Laytons
SOLE DQ: Laytons (T bobble)

Current Scores:

Laytons: $7,050/Bells: $16,208 in cash & AK/Carters: $7K in cash & card

S-U: Thing
FS: $1.5K

_ / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _

LETTER(S): N, T, 3 R's

_ / R _ _ _

_ _ _ _ - T _ R N _ R

Here's A REAL PAGE-TURNER- The Carters solve for one last payday worth $4.5K.

Final Scores:

Laytons: $7,050/Bells: $16,208 in cash & cruise/Carters: $11.5K in cash & tag
GT: $34,758

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding a tag): $650

$100K BR #93: The Bells hope to be hearing a lot of them during this rd. as Stacy spins the second A in AMERICA'S.

Category: Things

Here are the last two letters:

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ E S


_ _ _ _ _

F _ C E S

Put on your HAPPY FACES- THE LOSING STREAK'S OVER THANKS TO HER! The third time was the charm on that $35K this week, so they march out w/ $51,208 in cash & voyage!

$5K SPIN ID #88: DF4416282


"Family Feud" 1/30

G1: Millsapses (Marietta, GA) vs. Pawlaks ($20,705)

R1: Name something you open for a night of romance:



#4: Pack of condoms (5)(Greg)

DUD- Car door (Pat)

Dwayne (a pharmaceutical rep in organ transplantation): Bottle of champagne- ALL WINE/ALCOHOL #1 (48)
Trecia: Box of lingerie- X
Tonya (a stay-at-home mom of two boys & former 13-yr. drug rep): Box of chocolates- XX
Charlene (who fishes in Steinhatchee, FL w/ her husband once a month): Bottle of Viagra- XXX

Pat Steal (for 53): Wallet/purse- #3 (7)

#2: Pants/zipper (27)
T4: Bedroom door (5)
BA: Movie/DVD case (4)

R2: Name something that comes in six-inch & 12-inch sizes. I wonder if Subway sandwiches are anywhere amongst this board (remember the recent controversy regarding the Footlongs):


#6: Hot dogs (6)(Adam)

DUD- Condoms (Dwayne)

Eric: Submarine sandwiches- #1 (42)
Nick: Shoes/feet- #3 (11)
Scott: Paper- X
Pat: Measurement tape- COUNTS AS RULER FOR #2 (12)
Adam: Socks- XX
Eric: Screwdrivers- XXX

Greg Steal (for 71): Jewelry- NO GOOD (Pawlaks: 124)

T4: Pizza & guy's "soul pole" (7 each)
BA: Knife (2)

Double: Name something that's really, really hairy. Will this be the third face-off in a row where condom is a guessed response?:


#6: Back (6)(Eric)

DUD- Legs (Trecia)

Nick: Butt- #3 (10)
Scott: Sasquatch- X

Pat: Face- XX
Adam: Chest- XXX

Greg Steal #2 (for 32): Head- #4 (8)

#1: Apes/gorillas (21)
#2: Dogs (18)
Other BA: Cats (6)

Triple: Name something that sits on your lap. I think one of the answers from the last board will be used on this one (& Cee-Lo Green has it happen from time to time in his life):


#2: (Grand)children (25)(Nick)

DUD- Purse/wallet (Tonya)

Scott: Cat/pets- #1 (52)
Pat: Laptop- #3 (13)
Adam: Napkins- X
Eric: Dinner plate/food- XX
Nick: Cellphone- XXX

Greg Steal to Win Match: Reading material- NOPE (BA: My honey/stripper)(8)


1. During an average workday, how many times do you go to the bathroom?
2. Name something you might throw out when you get married.
3. Name a kid's cereal w/ lots of sugar in it.
4. Name a color you hope your neighbors never paint their house.
5. Tell me a part of the body that begins w/ T.

1. Four- 14
2. Datebook- 29
3. Lucky Charms- 11
4. Bright pink- 29
5. Titties- 4 (VB- Steve's reaction)

1. Twice- 24
2. Old pictures- 21
3. Trix- 9
4. Purple (aka lavender)- 35
5. Tush- 2
TOTAL- 178 (three-day total of $21,595)


1. Three
3. Frosted Flakes
5. Toes

G2: Traceys ($1,405 after two games) vs. Lampes (Dallas)

R1: Name someone who might ask you "Does it hurt when I do that?". You might've heard something like that at least once from Urkel on "Family Matters":

#1: Doctor/dentist (79)(Janelle)

Melissa (a college graduate & preschool minister at a home church who's also done some missionary work in Guatemala): Husband/boyfriend/Denise- #2 (10)
Bill: (Exercise) trainer- X
Diane: Athlete/boxer- XX
John (married to Janelle for eight yrs.): Masseuse- BA (2)
Janelle (a former MS Teacher of the District who's now a stay-at-home mom w/ a 1.5-yr.-old daughter): Hairdresser- XXX

Paul Steal (for 91): Nurse- #3 (3)(Other BA: Chiropractor)(2)

R2: If a guy ran out of gel (Steve inadvertently spelled it as "jel"), name something from the refrigerator he might put in his hair:


#4: Eggs (8)(Jim)
#5: Whipped cream (3)(Melissa)


Kathi: Butter/margarine- #2 (23)
Maureen: Mayonnaise- #1 (38)
Kristin: Cream cheese- X
Paul: Ketchup- XX
Jim: Jelly- XXX

Janelle Steal (for 72): Sour cream- INCORRECT (Traceys: 163)

#3: Olive/cooking oil (13)
T5: Water (3)
BA: Grease (2)

Double: Name something of which some guys have many & other men don't have any:

#2: Girlfriends/babes (13)(Bill)
#4: Cars (9)(Kathi)


Diane: Jobs- X
John: Hair- #1 (14)
Janelle: Dollars/money- T2 (13)

Melissa: Teeth- XX
Bill: Hobbies- XXX

Paul Steal #2 (for another 98 & safety net): Tools- BA (5)(261)

#5: Suits/ties (7)
Other BA: Brains/IQ points (5)

Triple: Name a famous bear that you'd hate to be shocked to hear attacked somebody:

#1: Yogi (49)(Maureen)

Kristin: Smokey- #2 (39)
Paul: Tigger- X
Jim: Boo-Boo- XX
Kathi: Gentle Ben- XXX

Janelle Steal to Continue: Winnie the Pooh- BA (3)(264)(#3: Care)(7)

SD: Name a complaint that many wives have about their husbands' job.

Kristin: Too many hrs.- WIN (75)

FM #2:

1. Name something w/ which you might accidentally poke yourself in the eye.
2. Name something you take w/ you on an African safari.
3. Name something people do to a ball.
4. How deep's your bellybutton?
5. Name a food that's sometimes served w/ bones in it.

1. Pen(cil)- 33
2. Hat- 8
3. Kick it- 15
4. 1/4 in.- 36
5. Chicken- 54
TOTAL- 146

1. Comb- 2
2. Vest- DUD
3. Hit it- 18
4. 1/2 in.- 37; WIN AT 203 (which means they now have $21,405)
5. Steak

2. Camera
3. Throw/shoot it


6 PM: 7
6:30 PM: 8

"Millionaire" 1/30

Meredith's already standing near Janice Rudd (a dog walker, travel consultant & oil/gas analyst from Houston who's wearing a breast cancer bow).

Pre-Randomized Rundown: Sightseeing, An Ear for Music, New Markets, Old York, Real-Life Inspiration, Sports Traditions, Spotted Wildlife, Special Symbols, Aqua Man & Engineering Forecasts
TT: An Ear for Music, Aqua Man, Sports Traditions, New Markets, Special Symbols, Real-Life Inspiration, Spotted Wildlife, Old York, Engineering Forecasts & Sightseeing

1. A website of misheard song lyrics, lists a lyric by what singer heard as "Like a virgin, touched for the thirty-first time"?

A: Prince
B: Janet Jackson
C: Madonna

D: Mariah Carey

FA: Madonna- $5K

2. Seattle, WA sits on a body of water that was explored in 1792 by a man named what?

A: Vitus Bering
B: Samuel de Champlain
C: Peter Puget
D: Elwood Mead


3. For yrs., what annual sporting event has been touted on TV w/ the tagline "A tradition unlike any other"?

A: Daytona 500
B: Kentucky Derby
C: The Masters

D: Wimbledon

FA: Masters- $25K ($45K)

4. W/ fragrances like "Riding Mower" & "2X4", Yankee Candle Company has released a line of products designed especially for whom?

A: Women
B: Men
C: Children

D: Seniors

Men- $3K ($48K)

5. Which of the following astrological signs is represented by humans & NOT an animal?

A: Aries
B: Capricorn

C: Gemini
D: Pisces

FA: Gemini (also a former American Gladiator name)- $500 ($48.5K)

6. A recently recovered memoir suggests an actual hunched-back stonemason helped repair the Notre Dame cathedral & may have inspired what writer?

A: Bram Stoker
B: Jules Verne
C: Victor Hugo
D: Alexandre Dumas

FA: Hugo- $7K ($55.5K)

7. Its scientific name referencing the seven black spots on its body, Coccinella septempunctata is a common variety of what?

A: Grasshopper
B: Slug
C: Beetle
D: Mosquito

FA: Slug- LOSES $54.5K (A: Beetle)

Elena Bloom's a literary agency reader from The Big Apple.

TT: International Scandals, Legal Street Art, TV-NOT-PG, Google This, Engineering Forecasts, Armed Animals, Heave Ho, Rewriting History, Pot Luck & Old York

1. Arrested last yr. as part of the "VatiLeaks" scandal, Paolo Gabriele was the butler for what world leader?

A: Silvio Berlusconi
B: Pope Benedict XVI
C: Vladimir Putin

D: Hugo Chavez

FA: Pope Benedict XVI- $100

2. Which of these types of urban art uses dirty public spaces as a canvas & cleaning agents as a medium?

A: Reverse graffiti
B: Yarn bombing

C: Sticker tagging
D: Wheatpasting

FA: Reverse graffiti- $10K ($10,100)

3. What TV actress recently joked w/ David Letterman that her eight-yr.-old son "...thinks I'm on a show about gardening"?

A: Mariska Hargitay
B: Kyra Sedgwick
C: Mary-Louise Parker

D: Sofia Vergara

Mary-Louise- $500 ($10,600)

4. In a fun hidden feature, searching for which of these words on Google's website causes the page to tilt slightly?

A: Accelerate
B: Akimbo
C: Askew
D: Aplomb

Askew- $5K ($15,600)

5. In a prototype built in '88, SAAB envisioned the car of the future as equipped w/ what device instead of a steering wheel?

A: Wireless navigation saber
B: Touchscreen acceleration

C: Mind-Reading software
D: Joystick

JUMPED (A: Joystick, which she would've said)- $15K

6. As a means of self-defense, many cephalopods use what to combat predators?

A: Quills
B: Talons
C: Ink
D: Antlers

FA: Ink- $7K ($22,600)

7. At a Minor League Baseball game last yr., umpire Mario Seneca ejected stadium DJ Derek Dye by screaming "YOU'RE DONE!!!" for mocking the ump's calls by playing what?

A: "Jack & Jill"
B: "Old MacDonald"

C: "Three Blind Mice"
D: "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

FA: "Three Blind Mice"- $1K ($23,600)

8. Fans of Fifty Shades of Gray may enjoy Clandestine Classics' novel Jane Eyre that has been rewritten to include what?

A: Sci-fi themes
B: Sex scenes
C: Choose-your-own endings
D: Talking animals

FA: Sex scenes- $25K ($48,600)

9. Israeli researchers last yr. claimed to have grown marijuana plants that offer medical benefits but don't do what?

A: Get patients high
B: Emit an odor
C: Require light to grow

D: Produce seeds

FA: Get patients high- $2K ($50,600)

Q of the Day: What does the M stand for in the title of the TV series "M*A*S*H"?

A: Medical
B: Mobile
C: Military

D: Mission

A: Mobile

For $53,600: A historically accurate song performed by They Might Be Giants states that "Old New York was once" named what?

A: New Amsterdam
B: New Lisbon
C: New Algiers
D: New Dublin

FA: New Amsterdam- YES 

CM #45:

$100K (Poets & Writers): Formally trained as a dancer, what future writer first entered the public eye alongside Alvin Ailey as one-half of the 1950s dance duo "Al and Rita"?

A: Toni Morrison
B: Jamaica Kincaid
C: Maya Angelou
D: Alice Walker

OTHER JUMP USED (A: Angelou, which she also knew)


"Let's Make a Deal" 1/30- twitter EPISODE

For some portions of this special show, a monitor's used at the home base. Also, the Mon. intro reel's used & Jonathan inserts a hashtag just before introducing Mr. Brady. Tiffany's wearing a purple dress as requested by you.

To start this show off, you peeps decided...that Sherissa Scott (a church & college department worker from Clovis dressed as money) from Clovis should play THE GREAT ESCAPE FOR UP TO $1.5K &/OR THE BMW 128i (Std., Paint) WORTH $32,645! They put up the game pieces on the fly; she really needs a car because she's been wanting to buy one for a while.

TIME- :30


(Note: At this point in the tapings, when this game's won, WIN's shown on all of the screens w/ an alternating blue & red background.)

VB: Record-breaking TGE Win

And for the record, where the BD is today was also decided by the twitter followers- I guarantee you it'll be behind DOOR #2.

Orchid's FD Decision (Yoga teacher): BB ($800 offered by Dosmo Thompson)- SAMSUNG washer/dryer w/ seventh GENERATION detergent ($3,082)
Ruben's FD Decision (a self-employed painter & paper hanger dressed as a blue baby): SB (in front of CURTAIN #2)($1,301 offered by Netstryke)- Moss pumps
Johanna Middleton's FD Decision (an assistant to an art dealer): SE ($2,513 offered by Jami C. Brown)- Five-night trip to theReef

I can officially announce at this moment that because of what Sherissa did at the top of the show, this is the first aired time on the current version of "Deal" that somebody won more than the BD's value!

Anthony (construction worker) & Shay (road work ahead; they've been together for two yrs.) play "My Husband Sounds Like a...".

2. TYPEWRITER (pattypillar71)- SPRINKLER
3. THUNDERSTORM (cmumathwhiz)- FIREWORKS (Wayne said he would've tripled their $500 if she had nailed that one)

CURTAIN #2- Jacuzzi J210 & The Hammock Source hammock w/ stand ($6,990)


Valerie (green/black Vegas suit) plays Go For a Spin for a Volkswagen Jetta S worth $17,570.


ZONKS REMOVED: $3K/$400, $500/$1K & $100/$2K

Joseph's FD Decision (S.S. Wayne Brady Commander; his clue was sung in REGGAETON because of Trica O. Powell): CURTAIN #3 ($1K)- Duct-tape sailboat
Camelle Johnson's FD Decision (a server from Oak Park, IL; her clue was sung in 80's POP & similar to "The Heat is On" courtesy of Shawn Vobecky): $1K (SB)- Six-day trip in the McKinley Explorer through AK from the Gray Line of Alaska ($11,710)

In the last three regular deals today, the first two traders' decisions are decided by the twitter followers.

Vanessa (a Broadcasting Journalism student at Cal State-Fullerton dressed as Catwoman who wants to be a news anchor): CURTAIN #1 ($1K)- The Original Pink Box tool room ($2,463)
Patrick (a cheerleading coach wearing a white afro): BB ($1K)- Computer/camera package ($4,360)

TBR (CURTAIN #2): Vanessa (Grass VW Bug)

BD #84 (Anthony & Shay):

SD (#1): SSR motorscooter ($3,299)- GAME OVER (the right cue wasn't played for it)
MD (#2): Kitchen ($6,996)
BD (#3): One-week trip to the Casa da Calcada in Amarante, Portugal ($10,559) & '13 Mazda2 ($15,515)

In the sole aired QD of the day, Irene (nurse) didn't have a Band-Aid to put on any cuts Tiffany may have suffered this morning for $100; the unaired big money QD item was a TV remote. 

Before we go, everyone in the audience receives a one-night trip to the Golden Nugget in Vegas!