Wednesday, January 08, 2014


#15: Dr. Oz

Starting on the 10/17 edition of "Millionaire", he took time out from his occasional work on "JEOPARDY!" to play his own game to support healthcorps. He used both JtQs & completed R1 as the time's up horn sounded w/ $62,600. As the game continued the next day, he didn't need the audience to answer his $100K Q correctly. But he took a big chance asking the audience on the $250K Q & going w/ their majority of Brad Pitt (46%) as being credited as "Partygoer/Preppy Guy at Fight" on IMDB for the '87 flick "Less than Zero". It paid off, though & then bailed out not that long afterwards, making him the first aired quarter millionaire of any kind since Cedric the Entertainer took over.

#14: Sheree Heil ("Price")

She was the other of the two players who cracked this list on the final two days of the year. Like Cassidy, she was called down fifth but didn't get out of CR until she won the top IUFB (the next-to-last one) of the Best of '13 ep., a $3K+ Prada shoe collection. She then had the challenging task of playing Gas Money for one of the biggest packages in the show's history- $10K & an Audi R8 Spyder. Some LFaTs who saw the R8 Coupe first offered on 3X during Dream Car Week could've figured out that the Spyder would at least break the $150K mark. Apparently, this lady thought the same way & got rid of the bottom two prices ($146,770 & $141,550) to immediately put the $4K & the $3K into the bank. She then gambled on eliminating the highest available price of $163,655 & it had the $1K card. Despite the tax issues that she would face if she did go all the way, she soldiered on & listened to the audience's chant of eliminating $152,295 to win the whole darn thing. Her historic run would end as she had the worst score out of anybody spinning The Big Wheel that day, but amongst all records she broke, the most notable one was the program's daytime winnings record w/ $170,345.

#13: Patrick Hackett ("Millionaire")

Two days before we saw him play his entire game on 11/1, we witnessed an epic $225K loss by Chris Ngoon for his $500K Q. When Patrick made it to CM, he used his last JtQ (& lifeline, period) on the $100K Q & wound up agreeing w/ me on the right answer of the $250K Q as Jake the Jailbird being the official name of the man in MONOPOLY jail. He literally took that money & ran, becoming Cedric's first civilian quarter-millionaire.

#12: Debora Gossett Rivers ("Millionaire")

She was the last quarter-millionaire Meredith had in her stint on the show at the very end of Apr., answering both her $100K & $250K Q's correctly. Also, since that was a special week, she won a trip to Disney Fantasy Land (she answered that Q on 4/29 by using AtA).

#11: Ben Ingram ("J!")

The last big winner of S29, he became champ at the very start of Jul. in LG fashion. He & Hunter Sandison finished in a tie at $11,200 on 7/3, becoming co-champs. They were in another very exciting Final on the Fourth of July, as Ben had $16K to Hunter's $15,800. Both men were right & Ben wagered enough to add $31,601 to his haul; he ended the week w/ a $30,801 bang. He ran away w/ the 7/8 game (& fell just short of another LG on 7/9). Though his 7/10 victory would prove to be his last in regular play, he still temporarily left the show as having done something not even Roger Craig or Ken Jennings did- go 9-for-9 in FJ! Partly because of that, he's topped the ToC Leaderboard w/ well over $170K & his eight victories.
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