Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/14 Quick News & Notes

-Casey Kasem officially passed away yesterday at 82 after having a progressive dementia & at one point had been missing for a while. The former "100%" host & "Scooby-Doo" Shaggy voice was born as Kemal Amin Kasem & became a DJ while he was w/ the Army.
-On the unaired Lottery Experience Games for "Wheel" (which were shot in Apr. '12 near the end of the S29 tapings), the Prize Wedge was $5K, there was an on-screen timer on the bottom-middle part of the screen (it showed tenths of sec. instead of the one we now have) during the BR & winning the BR car of a Chevrolet Camaro Conv. 2SS yielded a $15K bonus.
-As of this wk., "Webheads" moves to weeknights (excluding Fri., of course) at 7:30 PM.
-I believe "Price" didn't do their Father's Day or Wedding Shower eps. this season.
-To date, there have been 45 BD wins in S5, which guarantees a new S-L for such wins in a season will be posted for the current incarnation of "Deal".
-Hodor was spoofed as being the recent "Feud" player who got five zeroes in FM on "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!" during its most recent regular first-run ep.
-Kathy Griffin will host the Daytime Emmys this Sun.
-"Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host" is being done in the UK.
-Supei wound up TBW so far on one spin that she got spun off the ground by it. After that SCSD, an instant replay of the moment was shown.
-Ford & Heinz are teaming up to make bio-plastic auto parts.
-"The Daily Show" producer Jill Katz also worked on "History IQ". 
-Alex Trebek was on Who's Your Daddy Week on "The Talk" last wk.

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bencalebrod said...

I'm taking it that you're not recapping today's Price is Right as it was a winless show. I don't know what infuriated me more: watching today's Price is Right or watching today's Deal or No Deal (UK version) In the latter the player was once again practically forced to the end to win £1 as that Banker can't bother to make decent offers (i.e. he offered £2,500 with the £250,000 and 4 low amounts left yesterday).

mcbriderb said...

Si, senor. My rating for "Price" today was a 3 (1 if it was a DOB).

Antwan Rice-McKinley said...

Disappointing episode of Price is Right for me. My rating today: 2 because of an 0 for 6 episode and a low showcase being won (Worst rating by me)

bencalebrod said...

My Rating for Price is Right: 2