Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/17/14 Quick News & Notes

-Yesterday was the 3rd aired PG SHUTOUT of the season. Also, all that was won in the PGs was $158 worth of SPs on 1/2 Off. Finally, it was the first time in over three yrs. LeU was lost even w/ no numbers right on the first try.
-I am still NOT happy about a technical win not being declared on OA; I'm sure Bob would have called for it had he still been hosting (although there was a controversial technical win on the $17,372 Mercury Cougar 11/15/02, when Bob mistakenly changed the 3 to a 2 when 4 was guessed there; I doubt Eugene would've changed the last two digits & won). Just brutal. If we have a Car Game Shutout this wk., I'll be absolutely livid.
-I think this is a clip of a "Feud" question that was thrown out.
-Kickstarter's also trying to revive "Reading Rainbow".
-The Launch Edition of the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C will start at $69,695 this Summer; in the Fall, the base 4C will start at $55,195.
-"Whodunnit?" might be renewed after all.
-On 11/5/99, Manuel Gomes mistakenly thought he had been called down to CR when it was in fact Daniel Gomez. Upon Manuel's request, he was given a $5 bill by Bob.
-The apostrophe was not added to LeR's title until 11/29/99.
-Shell Game was played for the only time in S28 on 12/10/99 (& remember, it was for a $15,825 Chevy Tracker).
-Rob Rosa played Spelling Bee on the same ep. of "Price" where Aaron Paul appeared.
-The third taped ep. of S28 finale wk. was scrapped due to multiple wrong contestant placements in CR.
-An unworn wristband & four almonds are tomorrow's $500 QD items.
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