Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6/18/14 Quick News & Notes

-Christopher Titus has been named host of "Pawnography".
-Next season, if an "American Idol XIV" True Believer picks the winning artist in the finale, they'll win $50K. However, the "American Idol Experience" has been discontinued.
-Jimmy Fallon did the weird "JEOPARDY!" category thing again during Mon.'s ep. of "The Tonight Show", which is coming to you from UNIVERSAL Orlando Mon.-Thurs.- one of the categories had Bob Barker in the title!
-Before Cathy O'Brien's then-record run on "The $25,000 Pyramid", there was a female player who won just under $50K.
-The 21st season of "Chopped" will have two big events- a Teen Tournament (starting on 7/15) w/ $25K & a culinary scholarship at stake & an Ultimate Tournament of Champions where the uber-champ receives another $50K & a new car! 
-I think the Hoosier Lottery has stopped uploading classic eps. of "Hoo$ier Millionaire".
-Tomorrow's $500 QD items are a golf tee & an air mail envelope.
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