Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Missed "Price" Technical Win Today

Jayson played OA for the KIA Forte Auto (Std., RBA, Mats, Net, Sealer)(G). The opening board was $27,523. He lost w/ guesses of $18,432 & $16,432. However, the ARP for that car as described should've been $18,732 instead of $18,632 & nobody caught the error.

Ashley lost Pathfinder fair & square on the last digit but won the top Showcase of the day for $30,921, including a white $24,190 Ford Mustang & a trip to ME.



Antwan Rice-McKinley said...

I agree with you, but my tpir rating today: 4 because of 1 of 6 games won

bencalebrod said...

Man, 2 games in a row with no outright wins.

My Rating: 2 (flukes never positively influencemy rating)

mcbriderb said...

Actually bencalebrod, Side By Side was won outright today.

bencalebrod said...

Oops. My Rating is still a 2, though.