Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"The Price is Right" 6/18/14

Some of you may call me the Hawk Harrelson of GS commentators after yesterday's online tirade about the OA setup.

FF: Phyllis Schacht, Razmig Bahadanan, Alexander Grantz & Selena Childress
IUFB #1: 4prs of Tom Ford shades (ceiling)


Because Selena wrongly changed her mind about bidding $1,401 first, tall Alexander (who worked on his red shirt w/ a $ the night before) plays 5PT for the Dodge Dart (R).
5PT: $19,700 ('15 Nissan Versa Note SL), $18,385, $21,590, $20,479 (Toyota Corolla S) & $17,650 (Pontiac Sunfire)

SPs (G on evens):
Ninja blender $30- F ($50)
Lola Marc Jacobs spray $88- T
Oster "Fancy Pants" toaster $49- F ($35)
Presto CoolDaddy $130- F

Drew complained about the SP part of this game & I hope that makes him happy for once.

1. $20,479- NO, SIR
2. $18,385- YES, SIR!

(Notes: The four price tag lights in the background were still blinking during the description of the first SP & all four were still lit just before the 2nd SP was brought out. The display in the background was fixed just before Alexander made his guess on the spray.)

5. Valerie Howell
IUFB #2: club glove USA luggage (G at splitting sign)

Phyllis: 1450/Razmig: 1350/VALERIE: 1150/Selena: 2K

ARP: $2,248

Selena plays SP for a trip to the Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden (R at #3).


R (Selena herself): 1- W

6. Melissa Grasso
IUFB #3: Raymond Weil watch (G inside CR)

Phyllis: 1200/Razmig: 1475/Valerie: 1.5K/MELISSA: 2200

Valerie overbid by $5, so Razmig (who will spin first win or lose) plays SM for an ASUS laptop (R), a Panasonic 55" HDTV (Gwen), a home reformer (Gwen) & the Summit BBQ (George).
P: Summit (ASUS & reformer: $1200/Panasonic TV: $3K)

SCSD #1:
Razmig: 30 + 75 = O
Selena ($12,144): .7
Alexander ($20,168): 10 + 40 = H-D

7. Deric Prescott (military)
IUFB #4: SiriusXm S.R. two-yr. pkg. (both)

Phyllis: 751/DERIC: 550/Valerie: 1600/Melissa: 750

It's the $678 one, so A.F. lawyer Deric plays another PG that Drew has a gripe over the first part of, StD, for the Yaris LE (Std., Mats, LJP)(G)("The Bean Stalker").
NA: 1346789

$2.79: Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt & Red Bull
G: R.B. --3--

$4.19: 30 oz. of Orville Redenbacher's & aussie miraculously smooth hair spray
G: O.R.

$1.99: Barilla Penne & Hershey's chocolate chips
G: Barilla --37-

FA: 16379

8. Alex Tran
IUFB #5: Ping-pong pkg. (both)

Phyllis: 1100/ALEX: 620/Valerie: 1K/Melissa: 1800

ARP: $910

Alex plays the CG for a pair of YAMAHA ZUMA 50FX motorscooters (R).

C: $2,700
ZUMAs: $5,180
T = $7,880

FINAL PLAYER: Elise Graham
FINAL IUFB: His/her SONY HandyCams (G in clam)

Phyllis: 451/ELISE: 450/Valerie: 375/Melissa: 400

Phyllis wins the $500 pkg. by default & plays DC for some Tory Burch acc. (R) & the white Elmira Stove Works fridge (G).

#1: 4163/3958
#2: 1630/4395
#3: 6439/6307
#4: 2643/3075

G: #4

SCSD #2:
Phyllis: 55 + 60 = O
Deric: .7
Alex ($8,790): 20 + 25 = .45

R of #1- 5n Santa Barbara retreat (R)
#1- Ashley D.R. (G)
#2- West White Potter Sport Select (R)

BID ON WWP SHOWCASE: $26,200 (ARP: $29,666)

In front of #2- Album surfboards (R)
In between #2 & #3- Trip to Flamingo Resort & Spa (R)
#3- Chevrolet Sonic Sdn Auto (Std., Radio)(G)($16,840)

BID ON C.R./SONIC SHOWCASE: $27,600 (ARP: $25,695)

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